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About Virtuism system

Featuring the system that makes capitalism and postcapitalism obsolete



In case you haven’t noticed, most of the humanity has moved on from capitalism to postcapitalism.
This is ever more evident in the rise of the concepts that are rejecting capitalistic values, such as:
non-market transactions (trading through ads and flea markets, swapping, compensations, giving away, fiduciary transfers), nonprofit organizations, NGOs, social enterprises, charities, activism, recycling, upcycling, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, sharing economy, off the grid trend, Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement, open-source model, open-access movement, The Zeitgeist Movement, Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, Creative Commons, Freemium, freebies, free money, Linux, blockchain technology, solar power, Adblocker, as well as companies whose primary business model is a free service such as Google, Hotmail, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Skype, Wikipedia, Pinterest etc.

Digital Revolution

Industrial and technological revolution gave rise to capitalism.

Digital revolution has facilitated the postcapitalism.

Virtuism will be made possible by a revolution of consciousness in the post-digital era.

When it comes to the rise of postcapitalism, it was not really a revolution but a renaissance. Where revolutions typically attempt to reform an existing paradigm, a renaissance transcends the paradigm as people organize and solve problems in completely new ways.

It is game over for capitalism because its markets are based on the scarcity of commodities, yet the most dynamic commodity in our modern world – information goods, is abundant. Dynamo of postcapitalism and the bridge toward virtuism is the ever-increasing world of abundance in which the usual rules of capitalism no longer apply.

Information goods are not only excessive but they are also freely replicable and shared. Thanks to the digital revolution, many products and services that we had to pay for before are now available for free or for next to nothing in electronic formats: books, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, software, courses, education, games, entertainment and the list goes on.

  • You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

    Richard Buckminster Fuller
    American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor

  • In the light of global economic, ecological and cultural changes, it becomes clearer that the old systems are not that effective any longer, and that in order to avoid collapse and to achieve prosperity, we need to keep up with the times and adapt to the new concepts of acquiring the necessary competencies. In the modern world the outdated formal education is not fit to equip us for success and well-being. The solar system and the planet Earth are going through a change of frequency of the electromagnetic field, which affects the changes in human DNA and brain function, changing our perception of the world. Humanity is entering a new phase of development, with mankind developing new abilities. Under the influence of planetary changes, an important evolutionary step in human development has been made. A leap of human consciousness has given us new insights and a new set of values.

    Schumann’s resonance (Earth’s electro-magnetic field frequency) naturally corresponds to the activity of human brain waves. Schumann resonance has been pulsating at the frequency of 7.83 Hz for thousands of years. Since June 2014, the scientists have recorded a sudden increase in frequency to 16.5 Hz and even to more than 30 Hz. These accelerated frequencies point to the “state of awakening”. This explains the notion of acceleration of time, awareness and progress.

    New dimensions have been revealed. We have more and more access to the knowledge that we have not been aware of before, and not just via Wikileaks and whistleblowers. Most of us are getting more intuitive and synchronized with the source of all knowing. Therefore, embrace the planetary frequency change that is altering your brain functions and changing your perception of the world. You are in a new phase of development, you are developing new abilities and your consciousness expands and rises.
    As your raise your awareness, you will fathom that postcapitalism is not all roses. That is why we need to establish virtuism as soon as possible, which will not be just a modified form of a complex market society, but a new paradigm.

    Postcapitalism has many merits but it is not without faults. The digital revolution and the access to the free online entertainment has turned many of our youth into zombies. They are technology addicts and use the virtual reality as expedient to escape from the physical reality and as a defensive mechanism, when they should be developing their powers to create their own reality.

    It is clear as sky that capitalism is not an ideal system, but it has lingered for so long because all the attempts to replace it with something better have failed. What kept capitalism for couple centuries was the absence of a better system that could outshine it. Postcapitalism is not really a system nor is it coherent enough, but virtuism is, as we will explain now.

    Virtues Are Our Capital

    Virtues are the most powerful toolkit for the defense against harmful forces and for creating conditions for the attainment of general well-being (happiness and success). They are much more powerful than knowledge, skills, talents, technology or anything else.

    Virtues are our capital, like money is, except they have much more value, because they can get us the things that money cannot. Money can’t buy things such as true love, full health, lasting happiness, etc., while virtues can and do indeed. With virtues we can get money, but with money we cannot get virtues. Obviously, virtues are mightier than money. In other words, virtues are the most valuable currency.

    virtues - virtuism

    the currency of the 21st century

    Virtues are the currency of the 21st century. Some might argue that ideas or information are it. There are many currencies, however the value of all virtues is unquestionable, while the value of all ideas and information is, as not all ideas and information have much or any value. Depending on the context, some currency might have more value than the other, but in general terms, virtues are always and everywhere the only sure asset, bringing more value than gold any time, any place.

    When you cultivate virtues, you don’t need the capital, because your virtues attract everything you need, including money, if needed. Many things for which you normally need the money, with the help of virtues, you get them for free or in return for something, as some form of exchange. When you express your virtues, your world is so well-disposed to you that it rewards you endlessly and limitlessly.

    Money or capital is not natural resource as the virtues are, being part of our human nature. Virtues are natural and money is artificial. One is a bountiful, common good and the other is a scarce resource. The owners of large capital use money as the weapon to keep people and whole nations under their thumb. If there was no money, they would have no power over others. Since in capitalism money is necessary for living, it serves as a means of coercion. Due to loans, or debts to imperialists, many nations have been subjugated without any armed attack.

    Therefore, even though it has its positive side, on a larger scale capital in the form of money has such a destructive side to it that it should not be the foundation of the social system and the driving force of the economy. In a new system, where primary means of exchange is no longer money, but other “currencies”, no one will be superior or subordinate.

    About Virtuism system

    Building the system that makes capitalism and postcapitalism obsolete


    Since it is evident that virtues have more value than money, we propose a shift from capitalism and postcapitalism to virtuism – an economic and political system in which a country’s economy and governance are virtues-based and virtues-driven instead of knowledge-based and profit-driven. With virtues-based societies, entire humankind can advance to a new level of evolution, with higher consciousness and greater powers, which translates into global prosperity and eradication of poverty as well as crimes that are driven by poverty and flaws.

    It is not about all of us becoming saints, but about valuing virtues, humans and environment as opposed to profit, technology and making flaws cool.

    Underlying Principles of virtuism

    Virtuism currencies


    Virtues Rule!
    Virtues are our best assets
    that never cease to bring

    Free Stuff

    Giving Freebies
    Generosity and freedom
    have more value than money.
    The best advertising.

    Free Time

    The Value of Time
    Time is more valuable than money. Having time means more than having money.


    Network Activities
    exchanging information and services between individuals with a common interest.

    For those who call their pessimism realism, before you dismiss this as a utopia or fantasy, allow us to prove to you that it is viable and that it has a foundation in reality.

    First of all, we remind you of the aforementioned planetary frequency change, the acceleration of Schumann’s resonance (Earth’s electromagnetic frequency), which has influenced the changes of human brain functions and with it our perception of the world. This planetary electromagnetic frequency acceleration has accelerated the human progress, contributed to a significant evolutionary leap of human consciousness. This means that humanity has transitioned to a new set of values, naturally distancing itself from the outdated capitalistic values.

    This planetary frequency change allows for much of what was previously unimaginable or unbelievable. Entering into the new phase of evolution, we develop new abilities and values, which changes everything. More and more stuff are coming to light and there is less and less tolerance for many of the actions that previously have been accepted or concealed. For example, sexual harassment, abuse of power, political improprieties, and violation of data privacy.


  • The road to prosperity is paved with virtues.

  • The way of the superior person is threefold; virtuous, they are free from anxieties; wise they are free from perplexities; and bold they are free from fear.

    Chinese philosopher
  • That virtuism has its footing in reality, it is confirmed by variety of existing virtues-driven projects and campaigns, which put people and environment before the profit and which advocate virtues over everything else. There are far too many such honorable projects to mention, so we will just feature one: United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Its objective is to produce a set of universally applicable goals that balances the three dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, social, and economic. It aims to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, protect the planet, tackle climate change, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

    Sustainable Development Goals

    year started
    year finish

    United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

    Virtuism is nothing new. It’s just newly packaged. Even the Chinese philosopher and social reformer Confucius [551-479 BC] propagated the idea that expressing virtue to the fullest is the ultimate personal goal to be pursued and that the state should be based on ethical principles. An ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle [384–322 BC] was also a great advocate for virtues as the means for happiness. Many other philosophers agreed. In fact, most philosophers throughout history advocated virtues over other values.
    That being driven by virtues rather than by ego and profit is effective, it is confirmed by successful social enterprises and non-profit organizations such as universities, hospitals, trade unions, charities, associations, co-operatives, political parties, religious groups, not-for-profit companies, foundations, sports clubs, research institutes and others. Huge growth of the non-profit sector in the last decade just goes to show that more and more people are turning away from capitalistic values and finding alternative ways to finance their livelihood.

    Virtuology, or activating and cultivating virtues, will help you to make a significant leap in consciousness, which is necessary for the shift of the “system” in yourself so that this shift can be projected outside of you, into your world. As you know, every significant change in your reality happens from the inside out. What you cannot even imagine, you can’t achieve it, just as what you can imagine, you can achieve it, with the help of certain virtues. Therefore, virtuism can become a reality when each of us, or most of us, embrace the basic principle of virtuism, which comes down to cultivating virtues as means of well-being.
    In other words, the road to virtuism is paved with virtues.

    Virtuism Model


    Decentralization. Autonomy. No hierarchy. Synchronism. Syncretism. Transparency. Sustainability. Self-sufficiency. Unification. Unity.

    Welfare state


    The state grants to every willing family one hectare of fertile land for self-support (home, growing food, well water, solar energy…). Familyization vs. privatization.
    Equality. Egalitarianism. Solidarity. Holism.


    Basic income
    Dissociation of work from wages. Welfare program in which all citizens receive a regular, livable and unconditional sum of money, from the government – More. Collaboration. Transparency. No hierarchy. Non-profiteering.


    The science of virtues is part of formal and vocational education, inspiring everyone to cultivate virtues as the means for prosperity.

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