Don’t worry, be happy

don't worry, be happyDid you know that when you worry or fear for someone (like parents for their children) that you are actually doing a big disfavor to them, that you are actually harming them? That is absolutely true – worrying about someone is equal to putting a toxin into a glass of water and giving it to the one in mind.

When you are feeling negative emotions, such as worry or fear or any other, if it is related to a particular person, you are actually sending bad vibes to that person and cause them to feel bad and as a result attract that which you worry or fear about! So, when that, which you worried that would happen, really happens, it would be totally wrong and incorrect to say “I knew it”, because the truth is you actually caused it to happen with your bad vibes, so you should actually say it “I attracted it, sorry.

Well-being is our natural state of being. And the only reason you don’t experience well-being when you don’t, is because you are resisting it, and you are resisting it with your false beliefs and misconceptions. You believe that worrying and fearing is an act of love, but this is not true. You are worrying and fearing because you are a worrying and fearful person, because your degree of consciousness is at lower levels, such as the level of worry and fear. Have a look at the scientific scale of consciousness, which proves how worry and fear have a low vibration, whereas love has a totally different and higher vibration, so there is no way worry or fear could be likened with love – they are too far apart. You can’t worry and love at the same time. Just try it this instant, engage in the thoughts and feelings of love and see if you can love and worry at the same time. You will realize it is impossible. You either worry or love.

This is the trap most parents fall into, because of the paradigm they themselves have been exposed to all their lives. It became normal to worry and fear for own kids. But what is normal, it is not necessarily natural or right. The most natural thing for parents should be to love their kids. So, your duty as a parent is to love your children, not to worry or fear for them, or criticize them or any other negative or low-vibrational stuff.

Most parents say they worry about their kids because they love them, but this is a distorted view and ignorance. We will prove it to you. If you only knew what worry does to your children, you wouldn’t dare for a minute to worry about them. If you love your kids, or anyone else for that matter, you shouldn’t worry or entertain any of the negative thinking or feeling about them, because it harms them, since they are influenced with your bad vibes. As you must know, it is scientifically proven that everything is energy, even the matter and bodies are all vibrations perceived as such.

So when you broadcast the negative vibrations of worry and fear, you are sending out a frequency that is picked up by the person you have in mind – so you are actually sending negative vibrations to them, instead of sending them good vibrations when they most need it. You are making their situation much worse with your worries and fears. So you must stop that this instant and engage in the thoughts and feelings of love towards them as long as you can, because love will heal and transform the situation. Love is that powerful. Actually, all we need is love to make everything all right.

If you only knew what loving your kids does to them, you wouldn’t spend one single minute without loving them. We don’t mean loving them theoretically, but practically. What that means, when you love someone, you should really spend time loving them – engaging in the thoughts and feelings of love, and preferably extend your love towards them in the ways that they are able to receive it and recognize it as love.

When you love someone, meaning, when you are engaging in the thoughts and feelings of love, you feel great and you radiate positive vibrations which can reach them no matter how far they are (also if they are so-called dead). These positive vibes stir up their vibes for the better causing them to feel better and do better. So if you want your children or anyone else to feel and do better, instead of forcing them to change their ways, you should spend as much time as you can engaging in the thoughts and feelings of love. You will be amazed what repercussions that will have. The magic will happen. Suddenly, you will hear them say things they never told you before, you will see them feel better and change. Be the change you want to see in the world – said Gandhi. This is what he meant. You have to change, if you want your surroundings to change. So, if you want to experience more love from others, you need to love more, to love practically, not theoretically. Don’t call anything else love. Don’t call worry or fears love. Don’t call anything negative love, or don’t do anything negative in the name of love. Love is pure, and powerful.

Other powerful virtue that you could activate in yourself in times when a worry or fear enters your mind or heart is the virtue of joy, if possible unconditional joy. There is so much to be joyful about, but in times of stress most people just focus on the things that take the joy away. It is all just a matter of focus, a matter of perception. What do you choose to focus on? You know you have a free will to focus on whatever you want, don’t you? So harness your free will, and choose to focus on the good side of any situation, or on just anything good in your life. It could be the sunshine, the birds, good friends, something joyful that happened in the past, anything. Just hold on to the thoughts and emotions that bring you joy, and they will transform any situation for the better.

That’s right: don’t worry, be happy!

Do you have someone who worries about you too much? Most parents do. So do yourself a favor and send the link to this article to your parents and all the others who might find it useful to send it to their parents and other loved ones. This way you get a snowball of love rolling in your community, and with less worries and fears, and with more love, your world will transform beyond your imagination. Magical things will happen!
Don’t forget to practice it yourself 🙂