Book “Virtuology”

Book “Virtuology” by Talidari

the primer on achieving overall success and well-being by means of virtues


The book “Virtuology” is a book that provides insights on harnessing the power of virtues for accomplishing all goals. It provides practical instructions for cultivating virtues and freeing oneself of flaws.

The purpose of this book is to enable you to boost your virtues and rid yourself of your flaws and so empower you to achieve lasting success and prosperity.

The premise of this book is that in order to be successful and to prosper one needs more than just knowledge and skills; one needs virtues, most of all. Therefore, the book does not provide mere knowledge. Moreover, it is designed to inspire you to activate and cultivate your inborn virtues.


This might be one of the most important books you have ever read.

This is a turning point in your life. What you are going to discover in this book will transform you and your life.

The intention of this book is to enable you to raise your consciousness to the ultra-potent mode of inner peace so as to bring about world peace and prosperity. The premise is that world peace is only possible through individual peace. The road to peace and prosperity is paved with virtues.

Virtuology is a breakthrough way to help you excel, overcome all challenges, make the right decisions, get the great ideas, find the best solutions and the correct answers, as well as create everything you need for lasting joy, peace and freedom. If you are a leader of a team or have children, Virtuology will assist you to virtufy them so that they may excel and achieve all their goals.

Virtuology is the facilitator of virtufication; it is an empowering system facilitating you to activate and cultivate your virtues in order to raise your consciousness to the level where everything is possible. Virtuology embodies the idea that virtues are the means for excellence, charm, charisma, lasting success, happiness, wealth, health, growth and progress. Allow us to assure you that the degree of your well-being is in proportion to the degree to which you cultivate your virtues, as verified by The Consciousness Theorem. Virtues are key assets while flaws are major liabilities and Virtuology takes care of the suitable ratio between the two.

Most self-development books chew the same old ideas, only repackaging them to fit new times and different demographics. This is good because people need repetition for ideas to sink in and new angles on the old truths. However, this book is not one of those books. Although it may not convey anything radically new, it does offer something unique: a new way to be in the world, a new frame of reference, a new conceptual framework.

Apart from being a powerbroker, Virtuology holds the potential to become a widely shared staple that fills a crucial gap in current scientific and spiritual publications. By making the science easily accessible to the layperson, tying in the spiritual heritage and sacredness of virtues to provide the means for raising consciousness towards more wisdom, compassion, peace, freedom and enlightenment, this book is a major stepping stone on the path towards the unity of science and spirituality, and the global shift in consciousness towards oneness.

By integrating virtuology into your daily life, that is by virtufying yourself, you will feel amazing about yourself and optimistic about your life; you will be much happier, healthier and more fulfilled. You will experience miraculous recoveries as well as a greater sense of power, purpose and freedom. You will rise your consciousness, raise your standards, uplift your spirit, set your hidden powers in motion, increase your worth, grow your ability to achieve all your goals and soar to new heights. You will be empowered to fulfill your potential, triumph even amid setbacks, project a majestic presence and draw attention, receive great admiration and respect, realize your grand visions, attain impressive outcomes, come up with marvelous solutions, even do heroic acts, all while living a life of your choosing. You will be able to entice and benefit others without any manipulative persuasion techniques. Empowered with new tools, you will feel more confident, competent, capable, effective and productive. You’ll be much more successful in your career and your impact will be greater than ever. You will find out how to unlock the great untapped reserves of innate power.

By acting on your findings here and on the virtufication process (the process of activating and cultivating own inborn virtues), you’ll get manifold results and propel your whole life onto a new, advanced level with extraordinary privileges. When you begin applying these principles and embrace virtue-driven living, you will experience a breakthrough and have the benefit of achievements you may never have dreamed possible before. And the more you use these concepts, the better they will work for you. Your reality will become limited only by your imagination!

This book will show you how to transform yourself and your life, upgrade your existence, enrich your way of life, make major breakthroughs and progress, expand your horizons, achieve your meaningful objectives and realize your full potential for success and happiness. No matter who you are or what your situation, you have within you, right now, the resources and the ability to heal, thrive and prosper. You have the potential to exceed all your previous accomplishments. With the empowering toolkit set out for you here, you can be, have and do more than ever before. All you need to do is raise your consciousness to the modes of empowering virtues, and act on your constructive impulses.

Virtuology will empower you to rise above fear, anger, anxiety and worry instantaneously. It’ll show you how to manage your thoughts and emotions and how to keep them upbeat all the time.

This book provides a unique synthesis of ideas, methods and tools (equipment, gadgets, auxiliaries and modifiers) brought together in one place for the first time in known history. These principles and practices have been verified by countless individuals across the ages, whose great achievements are based on them. This means of success is so simple that it is overlooked by most people, especially by those who are accustomed to looking for the sources of their power outside themselves.

Virtuology will help you harness the power of virtues and raise your consciousness to the modes that make achieving all your goals effortless, easy and simple. This is a great claim, one that we dare to live up to and one that is confirmed over and over by those who put it in practice.

This book is not going to do anything for you if you expect it to reinforce your current beliefs. The only way you can make progress and breakthrough in life is to break through your current state. For that, you need to challenge your current beliefs rather than reinforce them, since they are the drive. Thereby, you may find some assumptions probed, some clichés punctured, some commonly used terms redefined, and some unusual perspectives explored. Therefore, if something here challenges your views, rather than taking an opposing stand, open your mind and heart to it. You don’t have to accept everything, but don’t let anything stand in the way of you harnessing the power of virtues, because the whole point of this book is to get you to activate and cultivate your innate virtues for the sake of fulfilling your potential so that you can shine and thrive.

If you ever wondered why certain people, who seem to be far less knowledgeable and skillful than you, get ahead whereas you don’t, this book provides not only the answer to that but also a sure means to shift that for you.

An elevation of your consciousness and expansion of your awareness of the workings of life not only allows but demands a recontextualization of your world-view, a paradigm shift. Implications of new insights require a reworking of old beliefs to form a broader perspective. Though it may cause some intellectual stress, such scientific recontextualization of your attitude and behavior can expose the basic structures that underlie your problems, thereby revealing their solutions.

The way to make a shift in life is to make a shift in perception. That is a key thing you need to do. With the new perception, you will be naturally inspired to take new, effortless action that will not feel as work but as going with the flow. Virtuology is all about that – raising your consciousness to the modes of virtues, which work for you. Allow your inborn virtues to work for you.

This book is meant to provide you with aha-moments that will raise your modes of consciousness higher and higher. The higher your consciousness is, the more pleasant your experience of living will be. Your pleasure level is your barometer of how developed your consciousness is, so use that to measure your progress at times.

It is complicated to explain that which is simple. Because this subject matter is extraordinarily simple, it is difficult to present it in a world enamored of complexity. However, despite your eventual mistrust of simplification, we will simplify many complex scientific findings on the subject. The path to prosperity and general well-being is quite simple, so simple that it’s hard to describe it to the mind that is disposed to complicate things under the influence of mumbo jumbo and own ego. In reality, there is really no path as such but we have to call it that way to make it understandable to an average mind, which thinks in linear terms. In that sense, virtuology is here to show you the way to lasting prosperity and general well-being, which consists of virtufication – raising your own consciousness with virtues.

Mahatma Gandhi said: “There is no way to peace, there is only peace.” Likewise, there is no way to any other virtues since they are already here in us all. Moreover, we can also say for well-being that there is no actual way to it. Well-being is our natural state of being.

If there is such thing as a path to prosperity and general well-being, then it is from there to here, and not vice versa. On this supposed journey, we do not learn, but unlearn, letting go and getting rid of all the unnecessary mental and emotional baggage. It is about returning to our original, authentic, natural state.

The “path to prosperity” is not a straight line but a full circle. For adults, it is a return or homecoming, and for children and the young it is a round trip, so to speak. Most people need to go through the whole cycle, several levels of self-development before they are fit to embrace prosperity. Theoretically, it is possible to simply have the well-being here and now, but in practice, it is more complex if you allow your ego to govern your reason, distorting your world view and your reality.

The path to prosperity begins with having the courage to take responsibility for your life, followed by raising own awareness and consciousness, cultivating other virtues and overcoming own weaknesses. If you don’t live in prosperity, it means you live in a delusion. Delusions prevent you from fulfilling your potential. They give you excuses and justifications for maintaining flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses, they convince you that virtues are not worth it, that they don’t put food on the table and other crazy stuff. Use your innate virtues to free yourself from your delusions and you will easily remove your flaws and weaknesses, which are the obstacles on the path to prosperity.

Your fears, excuses, rationalizations, justifications and such are fictions you perceive as reality. Choose to see through them, to see that they are “junk files and faulty registry entries”. Choose to let them go and to optimize your drive. You are the creator of your reality. With that empowerment comes complete responsibility. As indicated, the path to well-being begins with taking responsibility for one’s life, so we have incorporated that virtue in part into this primer.


Introduction to virtuology and virtues:


  • What is virtuology
  • What are virtues
  • The purpose of this book
  • The premise of this book

Foundations Of Virtuology


  • The pillars of economy
  • Balance and Harmony
  • How to shine


  • Virtues under loop – Fundamentals
  • Flaws and Why a virtue is not the opposite of a flaw
  • Empowerment
  • Virtues Are Our Power
  • Virtues Are Our Capital
  • The currency of the 21st century
  • Why some skills are in fact virtues
  • Postcapitalism
  • Virtuism
  • Advantages

Virtufication Or Consciousness Calibration:

  • Consciousness: What, Where, Why and How
  • Consciousness Scale
  • Virtues Scale
  • Subconsciousness
  • Reprograming Cellular Memories


  • How to Transform Yourself and Your Life
  • Freedom
  • Identity

Transcendental Success – Debunking the myth of success:

  • Foundations of Success
  • Source of Success

The Multidimensional Reality:

  • Beyond 3D
  • Practicality of the awareness of other dimensions of reality
  • The use of other dimensions of reality
  • The access to other dimensions of reality
  • With higher consciousness mode towards higher dimensions

The Universal Laws:

  • The Law of Causality
  • The Law of Reciprocity
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Resistance
  • The Law of Polarity
  • The Law of Relativity
  • The Law of Rhythm
  • The Law of Evolution


  • Responsibility

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