To Protest Or Not To Protest, That Is The Question These Days

We hope we can bring more awareness and common sense to your actions regarding mass protests.
If you are highly opinionated and radical about the value of protesting, this post will be a waste of your time as it will not do anything for you. However, if you are asking yourself why protesting is not really working as you hoped for, then you will find the answers and solutions here.

This post may be stepping on some toes, kicking off a spicy discussion, and raising all sorts of interesting questions about how loosely we can wear the garments of our various shifting and intersecting identities, and how difficult it can be to keep on moving through our sticking points into empathy, and what a gap there can be between our intentions and the effect we have on others.

But I feel like we should honestly examine the nature of the beast which has been unleashed. The idea of moral superiority entertained by the protesters and the “holier than thou” secular mindfulness, brought to us by neoliberal elitist sociopaths and politicians, have been the source of many immoral, inhuman acts, including killing those perceived as morally inferior. Such morality leads to the cancel culture, exclusion and division. Virtuology, on the other hand, advocates inclusion and unison, with a rehabilitating rather than punishing approach toward transgressors.

This year is going to see an increase of “anti” movements, which in themselves are destructive and don’t bring any progress. As history proves and historians warn us, “anti” protests have never ever brought anything positive or constructive; as a matter of fact, they have brought much negativity, such as killings, deaths, imprisonments, violence, destruction, hatred, and similar negative outcomes and side-effects. Yes, such protests have brought a change in some cases, but it was never a change for the better as they hoped for.

To find out if such well-meaning actions were a self-inflicted dose of futility or not, think about it a bit. Try to come up with any “anti” protest that has brought a positive change and you will come to realize that historians are right about it. Don’t confuse the “anti” protest with the “pro” rally or march. From anti-gun, anti-Chevron, and anti-Wall-street (Occupy) to anti-China pro-Tibet demos, Arab Spring, Greta Thunberg’s led climate rallies, and more recent anti-oppression movements that were all focused on problems rather than solutions, none of them have achieved anything substantial. A fancy declaration here and there but nothing else really changed for the people in terms of quality of life.

I am not even going to pretend not to see the hypocrisy of protesters (that is, frankly, a projection of my own hypocrisy). What I would really like to know is how those who wish others to change have changed themselves? Because, if you are protesting about pollution, for instance, then the question is what you yourself are doing about not polluting the Earth. Those clueless kids who got it wrong that pollution causes global warming, how many of them have actually stopped eating meat since the meat industry pollutes the planet the most? And how many anti-pollution protestors have stopped using cars and airplanes?

Everyone wants others to change their ways, but they don’t want to change their own ways about the same thing. How ridiculous is that! No wonder nothing changes. No wonder hypocrites have no power to change anything. Go ahead and take it personally. I sure did when friends at the Pro-Tibet rally gave me dirty looks and disapproving remarks for not joining the second time around (I got disillusioned after the first attempt). What do I know about Tibet to be the judge who is right or wrong about territorial claims! And did Tibetans show up for me and my folk when we needed support? No, they didn’t. I don’t have to be unsupportive as they were, but no judging on both sides, please.

The real reason why “anti” protests or movements were never and can never be successful is not just that they are led by hypocrites or that they are problem-focused rather than solution-focused, or that they are nothing but a blame-game and a victimhood demonstration but because they are a violation of universal and spiritual laws. The failure of protests has its roots in simple laws of nature and the laws of physics, in particular the law of resistance, which in physics is called Newton’s third law of motion. This law regulates that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What that means is, the more you resist, the stronger the other side gets. What you resist, persists. So, by showing resistance, you are making the other side stronger. As the folk saying goes, the strongest is the tree that the winds beat the most.

The proof of that you can see in your own life on all levels. One such proof is in the gym. As you know, the more resistance in form of weights you counter in your workout, the stronger your muscles become. Another proof is all your conflicts. Whenever someone attacked you, what did you do? Did you do what the attackers wanted you to do, did you stumble, or did you get more resourceful and stronger in defending yourself?

Do you think that when you oppose, protest, attack or do anything against someone that they will just sit there and cry? Of course not. They will do everything they can to defend themselves, to get allies and whatever to show that they are right and you wrong. In a way, you force them to get stronger. So, your efforts are counterproductive. You believe you are doing something great and noble when in fact you are doing the opposite.

You’ve got to see it as it is. You might have excuses and justifications for your past cluelessness, but now that you are in the know, all vindications lose value. The sooner you embrace this law of resistance, the quicker you stop inflicting suffering upon yourself and others.

This, by no means, means that you should do nothing, be passive or go into any of the faulty modes such as apathy, bitterness, victim mentality, or anything like that. If you are sure that there is some destructive force prevailing in your community, there is a virtuous way to conquer it and surely it is not the way of destruction or hurting others, such as attacking them, criticizing them, shaming them, cursing them, being disrespectful, judgmental, and such. Primitive people believe that they need to fight evil with evil. How better are they then than those they fight against? They are then no better. If you concede the moral high ground to those you take as inferior, then they win – they brought you down to their level. Is that what you want?

Whenever you allow anyone to sink you to their level of indecency, it is your fault, not theirs. If you resort to destructive, indecent, improper, unethical, disrespectful, rude, judgmental behavior in the course of opposing or protesting against something or someone, then you are no better than them. If you use your high ideals as an excuse to take the lower moral ground, this is your choice and therefore your fault. If you go down to their level of impropriety and offensiveness, they are winning, not you. Do you not see that?

If you engage in anything that has to do with harming others, even if those others are evildoers, then you are the same as those harming you, those you protest against. Why would your reasons for harming others (those you protest against) be any better than theirs?! By protesting against others by attacking them, criticizing them, shaming them, cursing them, being disrespectful, judgmental, and such, you are harming other human beings. This is not the way decent people do things. There is another way to do it – a PRO way, in the manner of Gandhi, Mandela and MLK.

Another law that governs the universe and the outcome of protests is the law of causality, a.k.a. what you give is what you get. So, if you criticize others, you will get criticized. If you disrespect and shame others, you too will get disrespected and shamed. If you hate and curse others, you will get it back. Everything you put out comes back to you like a boomerang in one form or the other.

“Anti” protests are never about being kind, respectful, loving, compassionate, or any other virtue. Mostly they are outlets to vent one’s anger, frustration, hatred, victimhood, bitterness, resentments, fears, worries, criticism, blame, aggression, irresponsibility, rivalry, and similar faults. Anything that is based on faults is faulty.

Maybe you are different, but if you look around at your fellow protesters without any bias, you can’t help but notice that they are flawed. When flawed people protest again other flawed people, what does that say about the whole venture of protesting?

If you call yourself Christian, then by engaging in any “anti” protests, you are acting against your moral standards because Jesus Christ told you to turn the other cheek, didn’t he? Did he protest against anyone? You have no right to call yourself Christian if you don’t follow Christ’s example. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean what you might think. Most superficial people interpret it wrongly, which is why they don’t follow Christ in that, even though they call themselves Christians. No matter what your interpretations of Christian teachings are, it is a sin or wrong to engage in anything disrespectful, judgmental, and hurtful to another human being, regardless of whether you agree with them or not. The impulse toward pseudo-martyrdom in Christian circles, wanting to sacrifice proudly for what you believe, may come from a noble source in you, but if it contains any dishonorable acts, then it is no longer noble but to the contrary.

If you call yourself Buddhist, then you too should not engage in any violent activities, whether violence is expressed physically or otherwise. Real Buddhists are non-confrontational, not judgmental, and don’t partake in nonviolence pissing contests. They reserve their energy for actually tackling systemic injustice.

If you find yourself among the crowds that are violently expressing their views, anger, hatred, or attacking others, voice an objection and walk away or steer the crowd to a different path. If you’re attending a rally or march addressing social ills as an act of solidarity, especially for a reason like, say, a dark-skinned person just got murdered by cops, you should avoid making it your personal mission to soothe or contain people’s rage. Apart from making you look like a douchebag, opposing your own crowd, aversion also deprives you and others of opportunities to learn. There is the right time and place for everything, as well as proper action. It is never proper to force anything. It’s not always easy to discern whether your discomfort is personal, or if it’s reflecting a larger, systemic problem with protesting, so go with your gut feeling.

There are all kinds of ways to engender compassionate confrontation, genuinely express spiritual determination in the face of repression, and build inspiring alternatives toward a just and peaceful world. Whether we’re doing some great community service type work, writing, promoting virtues, raising consciousness, saying prayers, staging meditation vigils, leading chants on a megaphone, scaling lampposts for a banner drop, painting signs, passing out flyers, or coordinating accessibility and legal support, there are so many great ways to participate in collective, public actions. Personal choices for ethical alignment are one thing, but trying to fair-trade-purchase our way out of systemic oppression? Not gonna work.

This is not to dismiss the tactical usefulness of civil disobedience and civil rights movements. No doubt, it can pressure a company or politician to flinch and even change their way. Still, they Unfortunately, some well-meaning, foolish persons take pride in bragging about themselves opposing, resisting, and getting arrested, as if their engagement is all about showing off and feeling important.

I have to admit I share a vicarious thrill when cyber-attacks bring some corporate Goliath to its knees, even if only for a couple of hours. I am as displeased when the rich suffer as I am when the poor do, so I take no pleasure in seeing anyone in distress or on their knees. Unfortunately, both groups have their faults and need to be cut to size from time to time to correct their ways. If public shaming, cyber-attacks, and protests are the best way to go about it, I doubt it.

Transforming these pranks into effective political actions that can advance the goals of communities and humanity as a whole will most definitely require virtue-driven endeavor (as opposed to flaw-driven protests): building networks and relationships of trust and commitment among millions of people who, needing healthy food and decent jobs, make pressure on brands and governments to hold themselves to a higher standard. We do it by making choices about who we vote for, who we buy from and who we work for.

Don’t get me wrong. All of this talk about the futility of the “anti” protests is not meant to discourage anyone from following the path they believe is the best for them and/or their community, but to encourage all those among you who don’t feel like participating in protests to stay home and rather do something more constructive about it. Don’t follow the herd just because you were talked into it or because you feel bad for not joining the crowd in showing what you stand for. There are much better ways to show what you stand for than protesting. How about proposing the alternative, the better way of running the country, or planet?! What is good for some, might be bad for others. So, this is meant to encourage you and empower you to be authentic rather than just take the path of less resistance by resisting with others.

Whatever you do, don’t get dragged into a heated conversation because not only that it doesn’t bring anything, but it causes both of you to get agitated and lower your level of consciousness which is disadvantageous on many levels. Both of you might get some satisfaction out of it but it is short-lived and destructive rather than constructive. If you feel like you need to criticize some apparent evildoers, make it constructive rather than shaming or hurting them. Not because they deserve it, because you are a kind and respectful person. We are kind and respectful because we are kind and respectful by nature, not because others make us so. It is in instances like these that you show what you are made of, what your real character is.

I know there are always going to be people who will misread the intent of my post, misinterpret my words and even take them to mean the opposite of what I meant. I’m cool with that. We are all narrow-minded, myself included. On my end, I’m not trying to pull a speaking-out-both-sides-of-my-mouth act, because even though I’m taking a stand and then defending also the other stand(s), this is not meant to be confusing (as superficial people may perceive) but to illustrate my main points behind all points, which is that I stand for non-duality. Protests are all about duality, “us against them” or vice versa, which is against my values and the values of virtuology.

I’d love to unpack this a bit. Any forms of duality are just the two sides of the same coin, and for me, the sides don’t matter but the coin. I don’t take sides. I don’t do it because I see the positive and negative qualities in both sides and because in my experience oneness is the answer and solution and medicine and and and. Neutrality is a virtue, one that is aligned with the universal laws, the golden mean, and the Middle Way.

This “them against us” or vice versa attitude shared by the majority is not mine. I don’t protest because I see a part of me in everyone and everything – in the evildoers, the hypocrites as well as in the righteous. I also don’t protest because there is nothing to protest, as my reality is just fine. My reality is determined by me, not by others. I could live under Hitler and still be fine. I could be killed and I have no problem with it because I believe in eternal life and reincarnation. I could be forced to be injected with some chemicals and this would be no problem for me because I can flush it out of my system as anyone can. I know my powers; do you know yours? They are the same, whoever you are. That is my point. We are all the same, regardless of appearances. It is the essence that matters. This human essence connects us. From that standpoint, protesting against others and harming them along the way is essentially an act against oneself.

The underlying motive of the protesters, the elephant in the room no one wants to see, is their fear. They play the blame-game because they have all sorts of fears, existential fears. And they have them because they believe others have the power to create their reality. They don’t take responsibility for their life. They are not aware of their own powers, which if not embraced and controlled can be destructive rather than constructive. Only by taking full responsibility for your choices and their consequences will you ever break free from the constant cycle of victimhood and the blame-game.

The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. Fear is only inverted faith. It is faith in evil instead of good. In other words, if you fear the bad guys, you believe in them being evil and having power over you; you only see their bad side and not the good side. Jesus said: “Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?” You must substitute faith for fear, otherwise, you will keep being stuck in fear, victimhood, and the blame-game that leads to your ruin. No one is doing it to you; you are doing it to yourself by the choices you are making. Have faith in your powers to design your reality regardless of others. Don’t hand the power over your life to no one because others are meant to look out for themselves first.

You can go through life by looking at what divides us and continue to get upset with others, or you can embrace your virtues, such as unconditional joy, love, peace, compassion, gratitude, faith, hope, honor, altruism, forgiveness, acceptance, wisdom, etc. and opt for well-being. It is your choice.

In closing, we’re nothing without a sense of humor about ourselves, right? I might come across as being anti-protest with this, which kind of defies the theme here, does it?! But how am I to illustrate the point that being anti-anything is not the answer?! My being anti the anti is not the answer either, is it?! Of course, I see hypocrites among the protesters only because I am one of them deep down. So, rather than ridicule me about this, humor me.

Natalija (von Talidari)


Mr. Trump, You Are Fired, But…

Someone is getting fired today. The tables have turned on the former reality star show, Donald Trump, renowned for his ruthless quote “You are fired!” to the people participating in the Trump’s 2004 reality television series, The Apprentice. Those fired people, including most of their fellow Americans fire back with a clear: You Are Fired, Donald Trump! Without the Mr. part. The world has never seen such disrespect and disdain for own president, apart from autocratic countries.

No surprise there for the metaphysicists, who are familiar with the universal law of reciprocity: what you do unto others, it will be done unto you. Some would say that Trump got hired only to get fired. Suggesting that the universal laws (rather than people) determine the winner(s) and that free will is an illusion. The universal laws are regulated in a manner that some cultures call karma, while others call it the law of sowing and reaping. Trump needed to get hired to be fired on a large scale. The public shaming, which Trump has done through The Apprentice, Twitter and other channels is now due on a massive scale, for the whole world to witness his fall from grace. Whoever breaks the Golden rule, must face the consequences. No one is above it, including a president of USA.

When someone gets fired, there is no reason to rejoice. If a favorite candidate wins the spot, we can surely rejoice, but that doesn’t mean that we should extend this joy to the fact that for this to happen, someone else had to lose. If we have learned anything from all this, it is the fact that the universal laws are righteous, as everyone reap, what they sowed, without exclusion. This means, if you are claiming to fire someone, you will reap the same. And if you are rejoicing for someone being fired, the same will happen to you.

The point is, from a perspective of humanity as a whole, from a humane perspective, it is low and inhumane to punch those who fail. This way, you go down on their level. It is much more noble and humane to help such individuals who lost or failed. This way, whenever you will face some loss or failure in life, people will not punch you but help you, too. Think about that.

The conspiracy theory of the electoral system that Trump is putting out as part of loser talk can only be taken seriously by those who are inclined to conspiracy theories, which are the people who voted for him in 2016 and secured him that election. Conspiracy theories have never ever brought anything good or positive, but only negativities such as hatred, aggression, deaths and such. The folk has every right to question the integrity of the electoral system but in a civil manner. Fake evidences, presumptions, loser talk and such have no place in court.

In conclusion, let’s all be civil about the events that are taking place in the USA and the whole world. Let’s not celebrate people being fired, but people being hired. And whenever someone gets fired, let’s have compassion for them and let’s try to help them. Let’s not go down on their level but face it with virtues of love, compassion, peace and such, through virtufication, as taught by virtuology.

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Is This Paris (Solutions)

This post is a commentary and solutions to issues regarding the recent abuse allegations of Paris Hilton and her campaign to shut her school where she was mistreated for misbehaving, as reported in the The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary, from a perspective of someone who is not biased, not American, has no ties to any side of the conflicted parties and only cares for finding solutions by means of virtues.

Please, read this for solutions on indecent teachers, naughty kids, insomnia, sleep deprivation, nightmares, trust issues and more.

First off, let’s not play a blame and shame game here, because it is not constructive but rather destructive. Let’s play a better, virtuous game. Let’s not focus on problems but on solutions, ok?

To poor Paris and all the other campaigners: if you were a naughty kid and didn’t want to get punished or shamed for it, then it would be only fair that you don’t punish and shame naughty teachers either. Otherwise, you would be a hypocrite. If naughtiness or indecency or misbehaving should not be punished (as I agree), then this should apply to everyone (including teachers), not just to you and other naughty or troubled kids, right?

There is no honor in double standards, in shaming others, shit storm, in “cancel culture” or anything like that. But there is honor in dealing with everything with virtue and from a place of soul, not ego. Whenever you feel emotionally hurt, it is always your ego that is hurt, not your soul. Soul can’t be hurt, because soul is an extension of God and no one can hurt God or whatever you call the almighty creator of our world.

For me, Paris had been a prime example (like the Kardashians and many others) how virtues are more important than knowledge, education, skills or any other usually believed keys to success. In my view, Paris became very successful due to her virtues, rather than anything else. And I applaud her for that. I love you Paris and please forgive me if I sound too harsh on some points that I don’t agree with you, which are here to help you and other “survivors” make a breakthrough and free yourself from nightmares, insomnia, sleep deprivation, bad relationships, trust issues and other struggles that you have.

What the documentary shows that Paris went through at her parents’ home (being forcibly taken away to a reformatory school, with the consent of her parents), which is the scene in her nightmares, and how she was treated at that school (as all the other misbehaving kids), and how she suffers from insomnia and from a fake baby-doll front she feels she needs to portray all the time to feel important, secure and to make money – this is all awful and, of course, we all sympathize with Paris and feel sorry for her, which is all totally new because up to now most people had felt anything but that for her. Anyone who has lived through some trauma (most people, actually) and is deprived of sleep because of the fear of nightmares and busy schedule has the right to feel bad and express their emotions, but is that a good excuse to go on a witch hunt, play a blame game, engage in public shaming and trying to harm others, or play a victim the rest of life?

As the docu shows, apart from giving the nightmares, the reformatory school has broken her ego and the pattern of bad behavior that otherwise might have led her to teen pregnancy, addiction, rehab, all kinds of troubles and maybe even to prison, like with many other tragic celeb kids. Paris turned into a decent person afterwards and became this character that stood for cuteness and represented the ideals until now. As the Law of Polarity regulates, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Schools are no exception.

Most likely, this Paris’ revelation and campaign will not hurt her brand (because people feel compassion for what she went through) but it will hurt Hilton’s brand or legacy. I’m afraid, after this docu, Hilton legacy turned out to be the one of fakeness, because it reveals how Paris played us all with this fake identity that was built on greed to make a billion, as much as on fear and wish to break free from her parents. Paris portrayed her parents as being fake in the public for the sake of keeping Hilton’s reputation pure and her mother not showing emotions in public is making her appear either fake or ruthless, although she is most likely a decent person and a real victim in all this.

Among the commentaries, everyone is concerned what she did to Paris, but no one cares what Paris did to her then. No mother wants to send her kid off to a reformatory school (or a lock-down facility) and to come to that, she surely must have suffered a lot. Paris could not be trusted at the time (as teenager), so she gave her mother the trust issues, so no wonder that in reaping what she sowed, Paris got also her trust issues. The universal laws of causality and reciprocity state that those who can’t be trusted can’t trust others. In other words, if you lie to others, others will lie to you too. If you are a fake, unauthentic, pretending to be someone you are not, like Paris herself said that about herself, others will do that to you too. Fake people attract fake people. It is a law of nature. So, no wonder, Paris says she doesn’t know any or many genuine people. The solution: be genuine, be that, which you want in others.

Strangely, no one asks where is father in all this. He didn’t get any shit storm like her mother, who at least had the decency to show up for Paris in her docu. What does this film tell about the Hiltons? It belittles its legacy, that’s for sure.

However, this needs to change. For the Hiltons and every other family. It starts with virtues.
We all have our pluses and minuses, virtues and flaws, ups and downs, including schools and families. Paris has now decided to speak up about her past troubles but it is important to do it with grace, without falling into trap of harming others along the way, because the blame game or revenge clothed as “saving other kids” is not a decent path. There is a decent way about it, which I’d like to point.

Paris and others so-called survivors, I have two questions for you that might bring a paradigm shift for you and so break you free from the chains and suffering that you and no one else put on yourself. Some teachers and parents might have harmed you with their tough love in the past, but with your interpretation of the events, you have been harming yourself unnecessarily for much longer and it is time to stop that. And also, the answers might bring real solutions for the kids you are trying to save with this campaign:

1. If you had a teenager kid who is insecure or spoiled to the point that she or he is rebelliously acting promiscuously, disrespectfully, taking drugs and alcohol, lying, sneaking out at night to go to nightclubs when (s)he should be studying or resting, what would YOU do as a parent of such kid? Honestly, answer that.
I asked a social pedagogue that and he had no answer or solution, then how do you expect parents to know it?! If you know the solution, the best way to turn naughty kids into decent kids, then please tell us! What were parents supposed to do to save their kids from being “eaten by a wolf”???

2. Second question is: if you were a reformatory school principal who has to deal with not one kid but hundreds of them every day, the kids which own parents can’t handle, how would you go about treating these disrespectful, naughty kids? What would YOU do? And how would you find decent teachers for them? Because, who on Earth would like a job like that?! It is far from a dream job. People have enough stress in their private lives, so having more stress from disrespectful kids at work is surely not good for them and no wonder they snap at times. There is only so much one can handle from misbehaving kids.

This is not to take their side, by all means, but to give them some slack to find a solution. The best solutions can be found only at a place of compassion or any other virtues, and surely not at a place of hate, revenge, criticism or anything like that.

So, instead of blaming and publicly shaming those indecent teachers, if you believe you know better, Paris, would you take their job yourself? Would you like to be a teacher of these troubled kids at Provo? Even for a day? Say, for a reality show, so you get paid more than what they are paid? Please, show us, how a teacher should treat kids who are disrespectful to you, who break rules. Instead of shaming those teachers, reform them, show them how it is to be done, please. What should have they done, how should have they treated you at the time you were indecent? What would turn you into a decent, respectful person?

This campaign of publicly shaming the reformatory school that feeds this newish “cancel culture” leads nowhere. You shut one school but there will be ten other ones in its place, because you provided no solution to parents who are left with naughty kids. This school that you want to shut with your campaigning has new owner and stuff, since the time you attended it, so what are you doing here?! Rather than going for a shit storm with this, be gracious about it and provide solutions. If you don’t know better than them, then you have no right to throw stones on them. Are you without a sin? If not, shall we throw stones on you? Let’s be civilized about this.

We have solutions for all these issues and everyone involved.
To mention the law of causality and karma at this point or to point out the fact that we all reap what we sowed, it would be insensitive, so I am not going to do this. Especially because sending someone on a guilt trip is much more destructive than engaging in a blame game and victim mentality. But there is something much, much more constructive than playing a victim and a blame game, and that is taking responsibility.

Responsibility is the opposite of guilt. One is constructive and other destructive. Taking full responsibility for your own life and EVERYTHING that happens in it is a first step on the virtuous path of self-liberation. If you want to be free from nightmares, insomnia, bad relationships, depression and anything like that, then the first step is to activate and cultivate the virtue of responsibility. For that you need some other virtues, such as the virtues of courage and (brutal) honesty. These three virtues are the first virtues on the threshold from destructive to constructive modes of consciousness, as seen on the consciousness scale. You are then able to raise your consciousness further and hopefully one day you can reach the modes of unconditional love, unconditional joy and inner peace.

We all have been mistreated, abused, restrained one way or another and have had our share of traumas in life and are probably some more on the way because the law of polarity regulates that the exchange of day and night, sun and rain, in nature and life, so it is important to learn how to face those traumatic experiences. The same way as facing night and rain, I guess. Take them as part of the dynamics of life, needed for growth. As they say, no pain, no gain. As there is much gain from rain, storms, night and such unpleasant forces of nature (even earthquakes), there is much to win from every type of trauma as well, as long as you are not immature and approach it from a higher mode of consciousness, with virtues of wisdom, understanding, compassion, self-esteem and such.

When it comes to nightmares, hoping to get rid of them by “saving other kids” from the claws of one school’s teachers is a ridiculous claim, Paris. This is not how it is done. No one ever god rid of nightmares this way. If you are really doing this campaign to save kids, then this would make you a very, very mean person, because why have you waited so long to save these kids? If you have refused to save them before because you didn’t want to hurt your brand – how mean is that?! This would mean that thousands and thousands of kids have been abused all these past years because of you! You had a chance to save them long ago, but you didn’t, because you didn’t want to hurt your brand, as you clearly said, you didn’t want to lose a chance to make a billion, even though you had enough money, even though you had millions. How greedy is that? Not saving the kids earlier out of greed – how mean is that?!

But of course, this is not the case. You are not this mean, greedy person. Which means, you are not doing this campaign to save kids. Let’s be honest. Of course, you want to save kids, who wouldn’t, but this campaign is not about that. You are rebranding and this is good for you. Enough of fakeness. I hope you are not going to fall back into this trap of fake identity for the sake of money. I don’t know where you are going with this, Paris, but I have a great suggestion for you, which will equally benefit you, troubled kids and all your fans. Are you ready for this?

As I said, Paris, for me you are maybe not the queen (but maybe princess) of virtues, but surely someone who become successful because of your virtues, rather than your education or knowledge or skills or connections, which is why you deserve a lot of credit and respect. I would like you to become a godmother of virtues, by promoting virtues wherever and whenever you can, because this is your true identity, as you owe your success to your virtues. Let’s make virtues fashionable, so that teenagers who want to be cool, don’t fall into naughtiness but raise to nobility! How about that?!

When it comes to your nightmares, the solution for it is to rewrite your cellular memory (or unconsciousness) by reinterpreting the traumatic events at the school. What is harming you nowadays and giving you nightmares is not what happened at the school (and anywhere else) but your interpretation of these events. Most likely, the teachers meant no harm; they were just doing their job. A job at a reformatory school is not the same as at normal school, because the kids they get there are not as decent or mentally healthy as normal kids. They didn’t know any better than to treat you that way, to use these reformatory methods to break your ego and a pattern of bad behavior, so you shouldn’t blame them for not knowing a better method, especially if you yourself also don’t know a better method to break a pattern of bad behavior.

However unpleasant, their method actually worked for you, as it did break a bad pattern in you, because you turned into a decent human being. The allegations of abuse, humiliation, isolation, restraints, medications and such are misplaced as these actually happen in every school, so the allegations should be put forward the whole school system and not just one school. In “normal” schools kids get abused, humiliated, isolated, restrained and medicated all the time!

Solitary confinement is not such a bad thing if you are in a right frame of mind. Monks do it all the time, willingly, and not just for hours or days but for months and years! You could use that confinement to meditate, visualize and do any other spiritually practices.

The reason you made it to the top afterwards, unlike other “survivors” is because you used the confinement to visualize your future. It worked out because of a strong electromagnetic charge of your thoughts and emotions at the time directed at a goal, so, in a way, you can thank your confinement for your successes. Who knows if you would manage to succeed on such scale if you didn’t go through it, because let’s face it, most celeb kids don’t make it (end up in rehabs). If you continued on the path you were on, you would probably now have daymares, rather than nightmares. When other girls have used the time in school only to moan, criticize, be angry, hate and such, you used visualization to help you get through it and to succeed at last.

So, this is just one way of reinterpreting the event that causes you nightmares. You can play with it more for the sake of healing, find the positive in the seemingly negative events, as the means to reinterpret what happened to you. This way you change your past to change your present and future. The law of polarity regulates that there is positive in every negative event, and vice versa. Your current beliefs about what happened are wrong because they harm you, so you need to change your beliefs to get rid of nightmares. Forget about what is real or not real, right or wrong, because all these distinctions are fictious in the absolute reality which is the one of non-duality.

So, what counts is, to think about what is constructive for you at this point. It is not constructive to blame the school or teachers or parents or anyone else. It is not constructive to shame or hurt anyone as what you are doing to some teachers and their families now. It is not constructive to initiate a shit storm and go through it any longer. Revenge is not constructive (you might not do it out of revenge, but those you mobilize for the campaign might be doing it out of revenge, so unknowingly you help to create monsters). All these will not bring you peace of mind you need for the nightmares to go away, but might even intensify them. So, stop all that. There is a more gracious, virtuous way to go about all this.

I suggest that you don’t go down to their level, so don’t punish them, but help them reform. Tell them (teachers and parents) what they should have done better to turn you from a naughty girl into a decent girl.
If you don’t want to do that or don’t know how to do that, let us do it by donating grants for teachers to enroll in virtufication program as taught by virtuology.

You don’t have to sponsor teachers out of your pocket, because you can raise funds with this: launch a perfume called “Virtufication” and donate all the proceeds to the Virtuology Academy and Institute . This way teachers get the grants to virtufy themselves and to become the teachers of virtuology, spreading virtues to kids, so that they don’t become naughty.

Also, people who spray the “Virtufication” perfume onto themselves automatically activate virtues by themselves because the intention behind the perfume is to do so, AND, by buying this perfume, they get to do a good karma for themselves, knowing that all the proceeds go for a good cause. So, this is a win-win win situation for absolutely everyone and no one gets hurt but reformed, i.e. virtufied.

Let’s virtufy the world, with the perfume and with the help of virtuology.


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