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Virtuology Overview

Welcome to the fascinating world of virtuology in which virtues play a major role in achieving well-being! In this video, you will find out the essence of virtuology, with much style. In the aesthetics of neon noir, in a hi-tech atmosphere, here we summarize everything we presented in the next (introductory) three videos, presenting it in an ultra-modern format with a lot of charm and to the taste of science-fiction fans.

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What Is in It for You

Your time is worth more than money. So it matters where you invest it. In this picturesque, almost poetic video, we let you know what you get from investing your time in reading this book and so participating in this cultural and educational program for achieving well-being and prosperity. It is designed to help you raise your consciousness with virtues and so provide great empowerment through refinement. If you love ladybugs, then this video is a special treat for you.
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Introduction – ep.1

This first episode of the Virtuology program will entertain you somewhat with its royal almost fairy-tale aesthetics, and above all it will introduce you to a world where the virtues are superpowers for heroic achievement of well-being.

  • what is and is not virtuology;
  • what are the premise and purpose of virtuology;
  • why resisting vices/flaws is not good;
  • why “positive thinking” doesn’t help;
  • why not everyone should follow their instincts;
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Foundations – ep.2

In this episode on the foundations of virtuology and success, with the aesthetics of baroque, you will learn:

  • the difference between education and educetion;
  • the 3 pillars of success and economy;
  • where is the source of all knowledge;
  • the 5 values that are key to well-being;
  • how to achieve balance and excel in all endeavors of life.
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Virtues – ep.3

For happiness and success in life, for achieving complete well-being, beside knowledge and skills, we need, above all, virtues. Therefore, with the visual help of modern art in this module, find out:

  • what virtues really are and why they are the golden mean, i.e. why they are not positive but neutral qualities
  • where do virtues draw their power from, their connection with the numbers pi and phi and the power of the number 3
  • Virtues vs. mental states and soft skills
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The Power of Three and Pi (module on Virtues – part 2)

The power of virtue lies in the power of number three, among other things. Within the module on virtues, but in this separate video, we explain the power of the number three and pi (3.14 …) and the connection of virtues with this and other numbers. Be sure to get acquainted here with the number three, as well as the number pi in order to be able to make the leap of consciousness that is necessary for a significant shift in the quality of your life.
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More videos coming shortly
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