Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues

Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues

Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues


The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues

The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues

The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues


It doesn't take talent or luck to succeed,
you just need to decide - we'll show you how.
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About Virtuologues in Business

Featuring the new trendsetter profession for virtufication in business

Here are the answers to:

Virtuologues may be employed in all sectors, such as business, schools, sports, government, NGOs, etc. Here we present the role of virtuologue in the context of business.

Tags: HR, L&D, well-being, mental health, transformation, leadership development, efficiency, productivity, performance

What is a virtuologue

Virtuologue is a specialist in virtues, facilitating virtufication by implementing the virtuology program. The main task of a virtuologue is to raise your consciousness, which raises your well-being and success.

Virtuologue is well-positioned to be
an arbitrator of development, transformation, and progress.
Virtuologue may serve in full capacity as the facilitator of the virtuology program, coach, counselor, consultant, guide, project manager or supervisor, a mediator in conflict resolutions, a catalyst for mental health, and such.

Ideally, a virtuologue may serve as a Chief Virtues Officer (CVO), responsible for ensuring that the organization builds and sustains a virtues-driven culture so as to advance to a new level of progress and expansion, with higher consciousness and greater powers, which translates into greater success and well-being as well as prevention of flaws and scandals. To that end, a virtuologue raises the bar on organization’s Learning and Development programs, policies and standards, to uphold the highest standards of professional performance.

In the business environment, as an addition to the HR team in any industry, a virtuologue employs business acumen, innovation, and strategic orientation to develop key areas of leadership, change, culture, talent, sales, and communications.

A virtuologue engages with internal and external stakeholders as part of the L&D team, to ensure high quality development and delivery of virtuology (capability building with virtues) program. Virtuologues develop and disseminate resources to help professionals to develop critical capabilities and scale their impact.

The purpose of a virtuologue is to carry out the innovative virtuology program within your company in order to foster a thriving corporate culture and to resolve the challenges in leadership development, obtaining and retaining the human capital, job satisfaction, employee engagement and productivity, performance boost, change management, maintaining a work-life balance, mental health, solving problems, making decisions, etc.

Virtuologues commit large amounts of time, energy, expertise, insight, execution means, and other resources to helping companies get results. This requires us to work on-site and embed ourselves as part of the team.

Very much like in the fashion of an haute-couture creator, in the self-development industry, a virtuologue adds refinement and class to the “gear” of the Learning and Development collection, designing custom-fitted, high-end ensembles for those who have appreciation and affection for high-class style, flair, refinement, and the culture of virtues.

A virtuologue constructs and assorts a deluxe compilation of modules by hand from start to finish, using high-quality, top-of-the-line materials, designing it with extreme attention to detail, and tailoring it according to the organization’s specific needs and targets.

A virtuologue tailors and executes virtuology (capability building with virtues) program and delivery plans including communications, facilitator preparation, participant enrollment, logistics oversight, minor revisions to solutions, eventual reconfiguration, program feedback and evaluation, as well as measuring impact and synthesizing those findings for client discussions.

In the role of a facilitator of the virtuology program, virtuologue’s responsibilities will include, but is not limited to, identifying pressing learning needs, curating and/or shaping gold standard leadership development content, developing new learning experiences, recruiting and upskilling faculty teams, developing and executing strategies to drive participants’ engagement and measuring impact. Virtuologues build a deep understanding of professionals’ developmental needs and understand the responsibilities and expectations of what it takes for them to develop within the firm.

Virtuologues build expertise in multiple attributes of our virtufication model and surface key insights around the virtues-set shifts and critical skills needed as well as common pitfalls professionals face as they develop into higher-ranking roles. Virtuologues ensure learner engagement and overall impact.

Based on the current role, a virtuologue collaborates with program sponsors to shape overall priorities and design a bespoke curriculum for a learning journey of the professionals according to their specific functions and position. A virtuologue develops the game plan to achieve priorities, evolve content where needed in collaboration with the Virtuology Institute. This includes collaborating closely with the delivery team on program implementation and cultivating a high-quality, committed faculty team to deliver high-impact learning events.

In the role of a project manager, a virtuologue manages the program to ensure quality of experience, transference of learning and behavior change, post-program learning reinforcement, faculty performance and health, program utilization and efficiency.

A virtuologue will foster professional development and growth for your team (e.g. coaching and mentoring, expanding your knowledge, reputation and capabilities) and especially leadership development and innovative ways to engage learners in the current remote/hybrid context.

The manifold benefits boil down to the fulfillment of your mission and vision.
A virtuologue helps raise the level of consciousness of your team by virtufying them, which raises the level of collective success. Virtuologue is there to virtufy your team so as to improve corporate culture and achieve corporate objectives, mission, and vision.

The key benefits of virtuologue’s engagement in business are a boost in productivity and efficiency in the workplace to maximize the profits, as well as add zest to the corporate culture.

In business, a virtuologue helps you serve your users on a higher scale and significantly increase revenues within a short period or at least double your investment in the virtufication process.

Virtuologue helps drive a culture of virtues and innovation through championing process improvement initiatives, virtufying the workforce, and helping leaders engage in effective transformation or change management strategies.

Virtuologue is there to assist the HR professionals in increasing productivity, efficiencies, and overall performance to streamline operations and deliver services more effectively.

When you implement virtuology by hiring a virtuologue, you will get a chance to resolve most of the problems of your organization because virtufication works on the core of your business and facilitates the paradigm shift which turns all your problems into springboards, which leads to a breakthrough.

Virtuologues create an environment in which others can blossom.


Benefits of hiring a virtuologue and virtufying your whole team

Virtuologues are obsessed with results, therefore, for the best impact and to maintain the 100% success rate in providing a minimum 100% ROI to our benefactors and beneficiaries, a virtuologue tailors a solution package individually for each industry and department, as well as different professions and budgets.
Here are some of the challenges Virtuology helps to resolve:
  • For Leaders
  • Reputation
  • Achieving objectives, mission, and vision
  • Increasing revenues and profit margin
  • Problem-Solving
  • Decision-Making
  • Managing scalability
  • Breaking Traditions in Business Units
  • Differentiation
  • Alignment and Prioritisation
  • Maintaining a Work-Life Balance
  • Staying competitive in the marketplace
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Accountability
  • For Employees
  • Well-Being
  • Empowerment
  • Greater well-being
  • Mental health
  • Phenomenal corporate culture
  • Achieving all goals
  • Overcoming all challenges
  • Breakthrough to a new, sublime level of existence
  • Virtufying own children
  • A greater sense of power, purpose, and freedom
  • Excellence, charm, charisma
  • Lasting success and happiness
Virtuology Basics are made for the mass market, covering the rudiments of the science of virtues. However, the real juice is in the bells and whistles – the premium add-ons, the extensions par excellence, which are provided by the high-minded virtuologues, who have higher awareness and regard for grandeur and nobility of virtues.

Virtuology is the haute couture of the Learning and Development industry.
To earn the right to use this label, each virtuologue needs to meet certain well-defined standards, such as design made-to-order for cognizant clients, with scheduled fittings. A virtuologue adds refinement and class to the training assortment, designing custom-fitted, high-end ensembles.

A virtuologue constructs and assorts a deluxe compilation of modules by hand from start to finish, using high-quality, top-of-the-line materials, designing it with extreme attention to detail, and tailoring it according to the organization’s specific needs and targets.

What is the cost of hiring a virtuologue

“The most expensive advice is free advice.” ― Robert Kiyosaki

A Positive Cost–Benefit Ratio Guaranteed – the cost of hiring a virtuologue is significantly less than the benefits

Our preferred compensation model is pay-for-performance, which means you have no risk whatsoever to recruit a virtuologue. Otherwise, the fee or wage of a virtuologue depends on several factors and is usually never less than 10.000€ per day or month (for long-term contracts) or min. 150€ per hour.
When running a business, it takes money to make money. You make spending decisions every day for the betterment of your company. One of the most important investments you can make is in new people. The cost of hiring an employee is arguably one of the most expensive parts of running a business, so you’ve got to make sure that you always get the best value for your money – the best people for the job. When hiring a virtuologue the benefits exceed the costs, every time. Otherwise, there would be no point in us doing this job.

As you know, the quality service does not come cheap. This is not a problem because the returns are much higher. The projected ROI in a virtuologue and virtuology is no less than 100%. If your ROI is 100%, you’ve doubled your initial investment.

The ratio of cost to value alone for investing in mental health for productivity is 1:4, as determined by WHO.
Since we are not addressing only the employees’ mental health issues to increase performance or productivity, it is safe to say that our ratio is much higher, but the main point is that at any rate, it is highly profitable to hire or recruit a virtuologue.

We believe in outcome or value-based pricing. The value of a virtufication project is tied to projected outcomes and can be determined only by having the right criteria and metrics, which are mainly in the hands of the project beneficiary (employer), not the provider. To properly estimate our project value for your specific organization and prove the high profitability index, a virtuologue as the project manager would need a variety of data from you to carry out an analysis.

As you know, the outcomes depend on the execution – implementing whatever virtuologues advise. That is why a virtuologue takes care of the execution side, too, which is the dominant force inside our management consultancy service.
There’s often a wide gap between idea and execution, which is why virtuologues take the responsibility to be as strong on the execution front, to blur the line between the two by harnessing the power of virtues, which harness the power of three: mind, heart, and body. Physical actions naturally follow the mental ideas when they are aligned through virtufication process. Can anyone put a price tag on such a great value?

The Value of Virtuologues

People have been arguing about the definition of value for centuries. The relevant concept of value for project selection is the “utilitarian concept of value.” The value of something is not an intrinsic property of that thing but rather is determined by its usefulness to those who want it. Virtuologues are perceived useful to the extent that they advance the achievement of company’s objectives.

However, the value of virtuologues and virtuology can’t be measured only by the value of the feasible gains but also by the value of possible losses if not hired and applied. There are enough examples of companies going bankrupt due to their executives’ flaws (lack of virtues), so virtuology can save companies from bankruptcy, which is why the value of hiring a virtuologue to virtufy your team is immense (in some cases over a billion dollars or euros) and can’t be reduced to mere profits.

United Airlines

For instance, just from one incident alone, United Airlines lost over $1.4 billion in value in 2017 due to misdemeanor or lack of virtues by some of their crew-members. After an Asian-American doctor was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight to make room for some crew-members, this created a severe backlash of hundreds of articles, cartoons, and memes circulating the web, resulting in a $1.4 billion stock drop for United, boycott, massive outcries on Asian social media, and everlasting Google shame. This wouldn’t have happened if the airline’s staff implemented the virtuology principles and if the company was virtues-driven.

Olympus, Enron, Lehman Brothers

Another high-profile example is the Olympus scandal. Due to malpractice of the top executives, who engaged not in virtues but flaws, such as fraud, corruption, lies, etc., once they were exposed in 2011., the company’s share price fell by 80%, Olympus was fined 700 million yen ($7 million), paid a reported £10 million for damages to whistleblower Woodford, six banks filed a civil suit against Olympus over the fraud, seeking additional 28 billion yen ($500 million) in damages, 7 executives were arrested and have been ordered to pay more than half a billion dollars ($500 million) in damages, 2 700 employees lost their jobs and much more. Something similar happened to Enron (electricity and natural gas) and Lehman Brothers (investment bank), which went out of business and became synonymous with corporate greed and corruption. Had they implemented virtues or virtuology in their praxis, none of it would happen.

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica

Another well-known example is Facebook‘s data scandal in 2018 that has wiped away nearly $60 billion of Facebook’s market value in the first week alone. Zuckerberg himself has lost $6.8 billion in the first couple of days of it. Investors punished Facebook after Cambridge Analytica, which had ties to Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Brexit vote, illegally accessed and used information from millions of Facebook users to influence voters through personalized ads. The leak that Facebook, with no regard for virtues, lied to its users about data protection, didn’t protect them sufficiently and resold their confidential information resulted in huge losses for that company. Elections and social media aside, this is actually a broader tale of what goes wrong when firms hand authority and power to non-virtuous individuals.
Being driven by profit or greed rather than by virtues comes at a huge price, as you can witness it in the media daily. What prompted the Facebook scandal was boasting by the executive director Alexander Nix, thus it is fair to say that this flaw had cost him, Facebook and countless others so many billions. If he and his colleague had not bragged, they would not get caught on tape by the undercover reporters. Of course, even greater flaws than arrogance were their flaws of greed, dishonesty, misappropriation, sophistry, unscrupulousness, deviousness, deceitfulness, dishonor and such. In other words, what caused so much loss and problems was the suppression of their innate virtues, such as honor, integrity, modesty, humbleness, decentness and others. And, as far as Facebook is concerned, it was about a breach of trust, so also the violation of that virtue had caused the losses. And, as the accusations against Facebook included also their denial of responsibility for data protection, it is obvious that the neglect of the virtue of responsibility is one of the main factors that led to their huge losses.
Thus, fraud, corruption, machinations and manipulations, including bragging, mistrust, negligence and irresponsibility are just some of the key factors that have led to enormous losses. These are all human flaws that convey distorted values of capitalism. Drive for profit, commercial motives and capitalistic values have motivated the perpetrators of this affair to cultivate flaws rather than virtues, which supports the argument that we need to establish a new culture, a new valuation, a new virtues-based system.

If a company’s fundamental objective is to create value for its shareholders, then a virtuologue may adjust the virtuology syllabus to that with added value for all stakeholders.
The leadership that values people over money focuses on nurturing and sustaining relationships, rather than finding ways to maximize the value of the next transaction with a person (incl. a virtuologue).
If money or profitability is the lens through which you value people (and a virtuologue), then this attitude will be reciprocated with the way people value you, too.


Consciously or unconsciously, as regulated by the universal laws such as those of attraction, reciprocity, and causality, what you expect from others, others will expect the same from you and you attract those that are like you. So, if you have nothing against the people who want to be with you only because of your money, then you can continue to surround yourself only with the kind of people that you can profit from. However, if you, as a leader, want to attract people who are with you for other values than just money, then you should also hire and appreciate other people (including a virtuologue) for other values than just the money they make for you.

A virtuologue’s mission is not to make you money. This is not the virtuologue’s job. This may be a natural outcome of virtuologue’s work but a virtuologue can never make any financial promises because it is against the morals of our profession since money is not our core value (our values).

That said, every virtuologue aims to achieve a significant ROI for the employer, as our objective is: output must always be bigger than input.

As we stated on our About Virtuology page, virtuology demonstrates the attributes and characteristics of integrous teachings that transcend time, place, speaker, or the limitations of dualistic mentations. Therefore, as stated there, virtuology teaching is nonpredictive because virtues are nonlinear, they cannot be localized or temporalized so as to forecast certain outcomes at a certain time and place.

As Project Managers, virtuologues are responsible not only for improving their expertise in the techniques of how to manage projects but also to ensure that our projects have clear relevance to the businesses we are intended to upgrade.



When considering the value or wage of a virtuologue, every employer should take into consideration the scarcity of our profession. There is more demand than supply.


As it is common, virtuologues too may sell their services to the highest bidder, but in our calculation, the monetary reward is not the only or main variable.




The value of the whole compensation package is essential but a conscientious virtuologue takes other variables into the equation, such as the value a company provides for the community (which would be enhanced with the work of a virtuologue), the scope of work, location, period of time, the level of appreciation…

The best virtuologues prefer to be paid for performance because they are aware that they can earn much more on a commission basis than what employers are willing upfront to pay. For an employer, it would be wiser to set a fixed wage because commissions would always amount to a much higher sum.

A virtuologue may be hired (for a service) or recruited (as an employee).
You may hire a virtuologue to implement the virtuology program to virtufy your team. Depending on your budget, a virtuologue may provide his or her services in a variety of formats, starting from a simple lecture, a seminar, workshop, or a full course, as well as individual interventions in form of consulting, coaching, and mentoring.

There are cases wherein a virtuologue’s services are needed on an ongoing basis. In such cases, a retainer agreement is more appropriate or recruitment.

You may pay a retainer fee in advance to ensure that your virtuologue will be available anytime you need advisory or assistance. Putting a virtuologue on a monthly retainer may get you a discounted rate. You can take advantage of this kind of deal once you have tested a virtuologue after a month or two, or once you have already covered the entire scope of the project.
That said, some virtuologues are only available for retainer arrangements – given the fact, there is an initial investment in exploring the business and its needs, a long-term commitment may be necessary.

The best value for an organization is to recruit a virtuologue to become a permanent member of the HR team. Even better (benefit–cost ratio) would be to invest in one of the HR employees to train to become a virtuologue so as to serve in that capacity long-term.

For our program to work or to bring you financial gains, you don’t need to further invest anywhere else. It is often the case that for a consultant’s advice or training to work, a company needs to invest in advised measures but this is not the case with us. There are no hidden extra costs.

The Levels of Service

We are ready to serve you according to your level of trust and budget.
Since we assure you that the ROI is at least 100% (WHO reports the investment in mental health alone is 400%),
it would be wise to invest in your human resources as much as possible to gain the highest returns.

Group Interventions

Personal Interventions