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Yes, We are Awesome & Cool

We are a passionate about bringing virtues to the forefront of everyone’s thought

We are virtues activists that use multimedia arts and other forms of expression to signify the importance of cultivating virtues for the realization of all goals. Our artistic name is Talidari which is derived from naTali & Dariusz. Our mission is to inspire and support others to activate and cultivate their inborn virtues in order to achieve lasting well-being. To fulfill that mission we created different multimedia projects. We specialize in multimedia arts intended to improve the quality of life – a fusion of avant-garde art, inspiring education and innovative businesses.

Dariusz Domin

Art Director

multimedia artist.
Born in Poland.

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Natalija Domin

Founder & CEO

writer, speaker, multimedia artist, activist. Born in Croatia.

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versatile member of the team. Born in Germany.

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Sasha White

Account Manager

Description coming soon.

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