About Us

Yes, We are Virtufying the World

We’re reinventing what it takes to succeed.

At Virtuology, we believe that virtues raise your consciousness, which drives success and well-being.
By harnessing the power of virtues, you are empowered to fulfill your potential and feel your best every day.
We create and provide products and services that fuel your path to greatness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every person and organization to achieve their worthy goals and well-being by raising consciousness and harnessing the power of virtues.

Our Vision

To accelerate the world’s transition to virtuism so as to eradicate poverty, crime, violence, inequality, and all suffering, for greater well-being, mental health, and achievements.


At Virtuology, our values shape everything we say and do.

Our actions speak louder than words, as evident from the way we innovate to the way we interact with each other. Apart from the obvious values such as virtues and consciousness, here’s what we at Virtuology stand for :

With the research-backed and experientially verified evidence about the impact of consciousness and virtues, we set new standards of excellence and breathe new life into the personal development scene.
We challenge self-development norms to create products and services that empower you to be your best and so have a great life.
We use traditional and science-backed findings to develop unique products and services you won’t find anywhere else.

Dariusz Domin

Art Director

multimedia artist.
Born in Poland.

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Natalija Domin

Founder & Author

writer, speaker, multimedia artist, activist. Born in Croatia.

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versatile member of the team. Born in Germany.

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Sasha White

Account Manager

Description coming soon.

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