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Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues

Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues

Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues


The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues

The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues

The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues


It doesn't take talent or luck to succeed,
you just need to decide - we'll show you how.
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Here is to Your Success

Featuring the sure way to succeed in anything in life regardless of circumstancess

This is a defining moment in your life.
If you really want it, of course.
In the future you will look back at this juncture in your life and be able to say that this was truly a defining one. How many defining moments have you had so far in life? Probably much more than you know, so don’t let another one pass you by, if you wish to make a significant change in the quality of your life, if you wish to have a lasting success and well-being.

This is a defining moment because if you embrace it, the aha moment you will receive here will transform your life when you act on it. You will get a goose-bump experience and so know it that
this is what you need to shift for a significant shift of fortune in your life.

Get ready to experience on this page:

If you are like most people, you are talented or really good in one thing or another.
Therefore, you deserve to be successful at least to some degree.
But the harsh reality is, most talented or competent people are not successful at all,
many are even homeless or burdened with huge debt or lonely or ill.
This is because personality matters more than talent.

Everyone has a personality, no doubt about that, but what kind of personality?
You can have a really nice personality but the virtue of niceness is not what it takes to be a success. If you are not successful, that means your personality gets in a way, whether you want to believe it or not. But this can change in a snap of a finger. Well, at least theoretically. It comes down to your ability to blur the line between theory and practice. And this ability has to do with your personality, too.

Here is what it takes to have

a breakthrough
Allow us to explain so that you could get your light-bulb moment here and have a breakthrough. Do you want one? Because, if you want a breakthrough in your outer world, you need to understand that the prerequisite for it is a breakthrough in your inner world. It would be insane to continue as before and expect different results, right?

This is not a place to explain to you the law of reciprocity (we have a separate module on that), so we will assume you are familiar with it. If not, you need to come to terms with it, if you have any doubts about this. As within, so without. This law of reciprocity is also known as the law of correspondence, as well as The Golden Rule.

A breakthrough in your inner world is all about raising your consciousness. With a significant leap of your consciousness, you make a breakthrough in your understanding and perception of reality, which in turn leads to a significant breakthrough in your perceived reality and life in general, including the matters related to your health, wealth, relationships, popularity, and spirituality.

Now, the central question is how to do it, right? How to raise your consciousness, how to experience a breakthrough in your internal world, it is a matter of virtues or your personality.
We all raise our consciousness and intelligence with virtues.

We will come to that but first let’s point another main point here.

Did you know that the level of your success is determined by the level of your consciousness? This is quite a revolutionary discovery, which has not made the headlines just yet because of the strength of the old paradigm and powers that are too invested in the old paradigm to let it go.

As you know, in the old paradigm we were all told that the level of our success is determined by the level of our education. Why would otherwise anyone bother to spend so many years and even money (student fees and loans) on educating themselves, right? However, many of us are smarter now and can see through this misconception. There are extremely many people who are highly educated but are not successful at all, whereas there are extremely many other people with no college degree who are much more successful. There are still some people who don’t want to think with their own head and think of this in terms of absurdity or having good or bad luck. But it is time to face the truth: the level of success is NOT determined by the level of education!

This is not to undermine the value of education whatsoever as it can be very useful to know things, especially in certain professions. If you need to be a successful lawyer or doctor, you surely need education but education itself will not make you successful, as many miserable lawyers and doctors attest to this unfortunate fact. It is something else that serves as key to success: high level of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness is your ability to entrain light. If you entertain dark thoughts, regardless of your level of education, your level of consciousness will be low. What is held in mind tends to manifest.

Another misconception in the old paradigm is that the level of our success is determined by the level of our talent or skill. Anyone with talent and huge debt knows better now. There are people who even won great talent shows which gave them great publicity but a few years later are back at square one or even worse off, just like what happens with most of the lottery winners. We personally know many people who are extremely talented but struggle in life, and most likely you are one of them. It is such a shame.

But this is all going to change for you now. Because, now you will get the means to change yourself by raising your consciousness. Remember, raise the level of your consciousness to raise the level of your success. Just to make it clear, we don’t mean raising your intelligence, although that helps too. Intelligence is just one of many modalities of consciousness but there are some other ones that are even more potent. Everyone likes to think of themselves as being intelligent and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s ego by telling them they are not intelligent enough, so we will not talk about intelligence here.

Here we go!

Let’s start by explaining what is consciousness and what it means to raise it.
Most people falsely believe that consciousness is reduced to mere awareness or wakefulness but this limited view of it is what limits their possibilities in life.

Consciousness is a force that creates all matter, a source of all creation and true knowledge.
It is the omnipotent matrix out of which everything originates from, a common origin and submatrix to all physical existence, and a subtle dimension of who we are.

If you need more info on this amazing topic, we highly recommend to read the Virtuology book which goes in much detail about the most relevant discoveries not just about the nature of consciousness but also about where it is (hint: not in brain) and how to raise it.

So, when we are talking about raising your consciousness, we are not talking about raising your awareness or wakefulness or mindfulness but mostly about raising your consciousness to ever-higher, constructive modes of consciousness, which we call virtues.

Let’s put it this way: throughout the day your diverse modes of consciousness go up and down countless times, as you are a bit in the mode of love, joy, compassion, courage, relaxation, gratitude, as well as in fear, worry, anger, frustration, pessimism, skepticism, greed, criticism, grief, guilt and so on. At the end of the day, the sum of all your positive and negative modes amounts to your average mode of consciousness or, in other words, your level of consciousness.
The more positive your various modes of consciousness throughout the day are, the higher your level of consciousness becomes. And vice versa. When your level of consciousness is high, that is, when you are anchored in one of the higher modes of consciousness (see the scale of consciousness on the left), then naturally you will tend to dwell in the higher modes throughout day, no matter what happens. This is why people with different levels of consciousness perceive and react to the same event differently.

Your level of consciousness determines your personality and character. So, people who spend most of their time in constructive or positive modes of consciousness (virtues) have a great and appealing personality, whereas people who spend most of their time in destructive or negative modes of consciousness (flaws) have the kind of personality that most people don’t find great or appealing, to put it mildly.

Like everyone, you are what you are as a result of the sum of all your modes of consciousness, rather than education, though the two may intertwine. All modes of consciousness are potent energies that, like all energy, change forms and converts into your reality.

Now, every time you allow yourself to be sad or frustrated or angry or stingy, and every time you lie, cheat, steal, criticize, resent, hold a grudge, see yourself as a victim, fear or worry about something, feel guilty or shame, your consciousness is in a negative or destructive mode, which lowers your average level of consciousness. This way you lower our potential to be successful and happy.

Did you get that? Because, if you didn’t get any goose bumps or aha or light-bulb moment, this means you didn’t really, really get it. In such case, you need to read this over and over until you get it. What helps enormously is to get acquainted with the consciousness theorem to get convinced that the level of your success is determined by the level of your consciousness. There are many proofs there, if you need them but even without them, if you stop for a minute and consider this properly, your intelligence as well as intuition will approve it.

This will explain to you why there are so many people who are much more successful than you are even though they are (or appear to be) less intelligent and less educated or less competent or les talented or less skilled than you. As we said, personality matters more than talent but also more than education or knowledge or skills. Now you understand more what we meant by it.

Your personality or character needs to resonate with the reality you wish to experience. So, if you continue to doubt your possibilities of success, as many people do once they hit certain age, then, guess what? Your reality will match your beliefs. Doubts and pessimism are not constructive at all, as you can imagine; they are in fact destructive modes of consciousness, which is why you need to stop using them, especially stop saying them out loud, especially to other people because thoughts and words are extremely powerful affirmations. Your ignorance of their power and of the laws of causality and reciprocity causes you to engage in such destructive behavior. Do you get it?!

Of course, your ego will not allow you to accept any indications of your ignorance, so you need to brush it aside and let your soul be your guide. And not only now but always. Your ego will bombard you now with all sorts of rationalizations against you being ignorant about certain matters, therefore it is important to activate your virtues of humility and humbleness now so as to be able to pay no attention to your ego in order to switch light in yourself to see the truth. You can’t have a light-bulb moment if you don’t switch the light.

So, be modest and wise enough to realize own ignorance, at least in matters of success, like Socrates put it: know that you know nothing. This is of course not meant literally, but when you get on the journey of knowing you will realize how much is there to know and how little your knowledge is in comparison to what is out there to know.

And when you add to it the nature of human mind being very narrow or limited, it is more obvious that ignorance might be one of the causes of human failures, including the ignorance of the power of our thoughts and words as well as of the universal laws such as the laws of causality, reciprocity, polarity, rhythm, non-resistance, and so on.

One of the justifications of your ego might be the reasoning that years ago you didn’t have any doubts about your success and were in fact optimistic and enthusiastic about your future prospects but still you didn’t get successful. Thus, you have every right to believe that it is not your doubts or pessimism that prevented you from being successful. You may be right about that but at the time you surely had some other flaws that interfered with your becoming successful. There are all kinds of destructive modes of consciousness that you might not be aware that get in your way of success and well-being in general. Along the way you might have been gathering more and more flaws, like doubts and pessimism by now, which makes it even harder to succeed. But if you let them all go, you will make a great leap of consciousness and make a breakthrough, internally and then externally.

Letting go is a piece of cake once you are truly convinced. All it takes is to decide. If you need more convincing, we suggest you read the Virtuology book or/and watch some of our Virtuology videos because it is designed to raise your consciousness using a virtufication method.

Many people are convinced that certain things are bad for them but they keep on doing them nevertheless. Like doing drugs, smoking cigarettes, etc. This is because they are addicted to it and because of the thrill of “eating forbidden fruit”, just to mention a few. So, conviction works for many people but not for everyone. Virtuology overcomes this problem better than anything else because it works on many levels, which means it takes care of the source of addictions, thrills, real convictions, etc. When you raise your consciousness than you are anchored in a higher mode, which naturally positively changes your affinities, tendencies, inclinations, habits, appetites, tastes, instincts, temperament and your personality in general.

This topic is too broad to fit this page so, we can’t possibly do it justice here which is why we urge you to delve into it properly by at least reading the Virtuology book or taking a course or participating in our breakthrough retreat or any other format that suits you the best.

See if the following guidance suffices to make at least a small move forward. When you realize that a small leap of consciousness has a great effect on you, then this might prompt you to make even greater leaps of consciousness for which you might or might need assistance in a format of your choice.

So, test this theory for a month or so and you will surely notice certain improvements in the quality of your life. We will explain now how to test it but let’s just first say that this should help you to make better decisions, solve some problems and get some new valuable ideas.

In different modes of consciousness, you make different types of decisions that have impact on your life. When you are in fear, you will act much differently than if you are in the mode of courage, right. And as you know it from Einstein, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.So, you need to raise your consciousness to be able to find a solution. And to get bright ideas, you need to turn on the light in you, which is done by raising your consciousness by means of virtues.

Here is what you can do for a month or so to test this.

Make sure to activate and cultivate potent virtues as much as possible throughout each day. All virtues are potent for something but there is a scale of consciousness that shows you the potency in terms of attractor field, so it is a great tool as it puts a lot into perspective. The modes of consciousness that are placed higher than the ones that are placed lower on this scale are the kinds that you should strive to use as much as possible throughout a day, at least for the testing time. The more time you spend in the higher modes of consciousness, the greater your well-being and success will be, so make sure to go for it. Some things take time but you should be able to notice some significant improvements in matter of days, depending how much you are able to avoid going below 200 mark as shown on the scale of consciousness.

Surely, your consciousness will drop down from time but try as much as you can, without stressing about it, to get out of it as soon as possible. Don’t spend more than a minute in any of those low modes of consciousness. Of course, you have the right to get sad, agitated, angry, frustrated, worried or whatever but what you have no right is to spend too much time in such modes. You have no right to dwell on negative sides of life because this would mean you deny the positive sides of life. And the undeniable fact is, there are far more things to be grateful and happy about than there are things to be sad about. If you see mostly the negative side than the positive side, you live in denial, in illusion, which is destructive and leads to failures in all aspects of life. Why people are unsuccessful in life is precisely this: they focus more on negative sides of life than positive ones. And they are not even aware of it. This is why you need to expand your awareness and raise your consciousness.

The reason why losses, unfairness, stupid people and such affect you so much that you focus more on those negativities than on all the other good things in life, is your level of consciousness being low. When you could ever summarize all the positive and negative thoughts, words and deeds in all 86.400 seconds of each day, you would be astonished to what they amount to. You don’t have to count all your modes of consciousness because your external reality serves as a mirror as it reflects your internal reality. If your reality is not positive one, this means your average mode of consciousness is negative – presented below the 200 mark on the scale of consciousness.

Listen to this: when you are anchored in, say, fear than you perceive the world through the lens of fear, which means you fear the things that need not be feared. The same goes for any other modes of consciousness. Therefore, likewise, if you are anchored in compassion, that is, when your average level of consciousness is that of compassion, then you will meet everyone from that standpoint. And guess, what level of consciousness will allow you to have better relationships, fear or compassion? This is just one small example, maybe not the best one for you but you should be able to get the point, right?
If you haven’t gotten any aha moment by now, no goose bumps due to revelatory insights, then you are either anchored at a very low mode of consciousness which makes it hard to grasp it, or you are not reading this with your full attention. Multitasking can be a huge hindrance to doing and understanding something right, so by all means read this article as many times as necessary with your full attention until you get it.

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