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  • Standard
  • $369
  • Basics
  • 1 Virtue
  • Optimum
  • $499
  • Basics
  • +2 Virtues
  • Follow-up
  • Professional
  • $999
  • Premium Features
  • Handbook
  • Certificate

These prices allow one month access to the course.
It is not possible to sign up as the e-courses are full.
At the time being we are offering courses on demand.

The prices are per a person for the basic level.
At advanced and master level the same course fee applies on a monthly basis.

For organizations such as companies or colleges, the price is calculated according to the number of persons in the organization, minus discounts on bulk purchases from 10 upwards. For the special courses tailored to a need of an organization additional small fee applies. Please contact us stating the total of the people in the organization and we will send you our offer. If you want a bespoke e-course featuring specific virtues and/or flaws and/or skills, please state that. The full list of presently available topics is here.


Virtuology program acts as a medium for the creative and attractive power of virtues, which means that it allows the energetic factors, which during the participation show themselves as hindering and disturbing in one’s energy field, to be dissolved by the power of virtues, and when those disturbing factors are removed, the field is clear for the magnetic pull of all the imagined things to take effect. Everything that during the program shows up in the energy field may go into the resolution, in accordance with one’s own allowing, doing and soul’s plan.

We can, therefore, never give promises or guarantees of effectivity – of how and when the change will show itself in the external reality, as the impulse for change or transformation of the respective pattern is set in the system. How quickly the changes will occur and how exactly they will look is specific to each individual and is under the influence of a higher order (relative to person’s own allowing and power). Through our program, we ourselves neither change anyone, nor do we influence events. This responsibility lays on each individual alone. To increase the effectivity of one’s own responsibility we offer a module on the very topic of the virtue of responsibility.

What we can guarantee, though, is that you will get access to the in-depth coverage of each topic of the selected program, presented in multimedia environment for the best impact. We can guarantee that the selected topics were designed with best intentions, love, joy and other virtues. We can assure you that if you do your part, this program will help you achieve your goals.

As appealing as a guarantee might seem, it is a “result killer”, as evident in the fact that most participants of similar programs don’t have much to show for long after completition. As any spiritual teacher will tell you, you can only succeed at a challenging task if you burn all the bridges. So, by giving you a guarantee, we would be giving you a permission to fail.

So, don’t just try our program. Either do it or don’t.

Learning Through Osmosis

Reliance on the power of the virtues is indicated by the group experience that people “get it by osmosis” instead of by intellectualization.

Allegorically, osmosis is an apparently effortless, gradual absorption of ideas, feelings, attitudes, etc.; often unconscious process of assimilation; picking up knowledge accidentally or spontaneously, without actually seeking that particular knowledge.
An example of osmosis: learning a foreign language by osmosis is learning while residing in the foreign country, as opposed to studying it.

Similarly, virtues grow easier through the process of osmosis rather than through studying or reasoning or intellectualization. Therefore, a person with the lower concentration of virtues will effortlessly, gradually, unconsciously become virtuous when subjected to the influence of the people and other agents, such as our multimedia program, with higher concentration of virtues.

For example, when a person, who has a low level of joy, hangs around people with higher level of joy or with “joy dealers” (comedians, pets etc.), or subject himself to “joy triggers”, he or she will automatically become more joyous, without making any effort. So, if you need a certain virtue, in our program we will provide you with the influences of that virtue. Therefore, there is nothing to study – let osmosis do its thing, making you virtuous by being subjected to virtuous stuff, stories and people.

Osmosis happens when you place two mixtures of different concentration next to each other. Osmosis is the tendency of a solvent to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution of higher concentration. It is the movement from lower concentration to higher concentration. An example of osmosis is when red blood cells, which have a high concentration of protein and salt, are placed in a lower concentration fluid like water, the water will rush into the red blood cells. Perhaps an even better example of osmosis is when you place a dehydrated lettuce in a bowl with water, lettuce will not dilute (water will not take the quality of lettuce), but the water will get into the salad and a small dried lettuce will grow larger.



At the above prices the each course is open for a month. If you need more time to go through the course material you are free to extend it by purchasing extension.


We offer two weeks guaranty to all private premium users who have done their part in the course – did their homework. To judge the course, you need to do what course tells you to do, otherwise it won’t work


No special requirements, other than teachability. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

Course vs. Book

Basic flagship e-course has the same content as the book but in totally different format with a lot of multimedia addons that make the content more appealing and easier to digest and easier to act on it.


Why Work With Us

There is absolutely no one like us, in the sense that we offer a comprehensive program on virtues – multimedia modules that cover everything you need to know about how to:

  • activate and cultivate each individual virtue
  • manage your flaws and free yourself from them
  • hone particular skills essential for any success

Feature content that is not designed just to inform you and motivate you but to:

  • inspire you
  • transform you
  • bring real results


We are constantly improving ourselves and our content to make sure that we and our users are on the leading edge and harnessing all that the world has to offer in order to bring each and every one of us to a level where everything imagined is possible.

We are what we preach

We make virtues our priority in our private and professional lives. You can be sure that we will deal with you only with love, integrity, joy, appreciation and all the other virtues.

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