This post is a commentary and solutions to issues regarding the recent abuse allegations of Paris Hilton and her campaign to shut her school where she was mistreated for misbehaving, as reported in the The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary, from a perspective of someone who is not biased, not American, has no ties to any side of the conflicted parties and only cares for finding solutions by means of virtues.

Please, read this for solutions on indecent teachers, naughty kids, insomnia, sleep deprivation, nightmares, trust issues and more.

First off, let’s not play a blame and shame game here, because it is not constructive but rather destructive. Let’s play a better, virtuous game. Let’s not focus on problems but on solutions, ok?

To poor Paris and all the other campaigners: if you were a naughty kid and didn’t want to get punished or shamed for it, then it would be only fair that you don’t punish and shame naughty teachers either. Otherwise, you would be a hypocrite. If naughtiness or indecency or misbehaving should not be punished (as I agree), then this should apply to everyone (including teachers), not just to you and other naughty or troubled kids, right?

There is no honor in double standards, in shaming others, shit storm, in “cancel culture” or anything like that. But there is honor in dealing with everything with virtue and from a place of soul, not ego. Whenever you feel emotionally hurt, it is always your ego that is hurt, not your soul. Soul can’t be hurt, because soul is an extension of God and no one can hurt God or whatever you call the almighty creator of our world.

For me, Paris had been a prime example (like the Kardashians and many others) how virtues are more important than knowledge, education, skills or any other usually believed keys to success. In my view, Paris became very successful due to her virtues, rather than anything else. And I applaud her for that. I love you Paris and please forgive me if I sound too harsh on some points that I don’t agree with you, which are here to help you and other “survivors” make a breakthrough and free yourself from nightmares, insomnia, sleep deprivation, bad relationships, trust issues and other struggles that you have.

What the documentary shows that Paris went through at her parents’ home (being forcibly taken away to a reformatory school, with the consent of her parents), which is the scene in her nightmares, and how she was treated at that school (as all the other misbehaving kids), and how she suffers from insomnia and from a fake baby-doll front she feels she needs to portray all the time to feel important, secure and to make money – this is all awful and, of course, we all sympathize with Paris and feel sorry for her, which is all totally new because up to now most people had felt anything but that for her. Anyone who has lived through some trauma (most people, actually) and is deprived of sleep because of the fear of nightmares and busy schedule has the right to feel bad and express their emotions, but is that a good excuse to go on a witch hunt, play a blame game, engage in public shaming and trying to harm others, or play a victim the rest of life?

As the docu shows, apart from giving the nightmares, the reformatory school has broken her ego and the pattern of bad behavior that otherwise might have led her to teen pregnancy, addiction, rehab, all kinds of troubles and maybe even to prison, like with many other tragic celeb kids. Paris turned into a decent person afterwards and became this character that stood for cuteness and represented the ideals until now. As the Law of Polarity regulates, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Schools are no exception.

Most likely, this Paris’ revelation and campaign will not hurt her brand (because people feel compassion for what she went through) but it will hurt Hilton’s brand or legacy. I’m afraid, after this docu, Hilton legacy turned out to be the one of fakeness, because it reveals how Paris played us all with this fake identity that was built on greed to make a billion, as much as on fear and wish to break free from her parents. Paris portrayed her parents as being fake in the public for the sake of keeping Hilton’s reputation pure and her mother not showing emotions in public is making her appear either fake or ruthless, although she is most likely a decent person and a real victim in all this.

Among the commentaries, everyone is concerned what she did to Paris, but no one cares what Paris did to her then. No mother wants to send her kid off to a reformatory school (or a lock-down facility) and to come to that, she surely must have suffered a lot. Paris could not be trusted at the time (as teenager), so she gave her mother the trust issues, so no wonder that in reaping what she sowed, Paris got also her trust issues. The universal laws of causality and reciprocity state that those who can’t be trusted can’t trust others. In other words, if you lie to others, others will lie to you too. If you are a fake, unauthentic, pretending to be someone you are not, like Paris herself said that about herself, others will do that to you too. Fake people attract fake people. It is a law of nature. So, no wonder, Paris says she doesn’t know any or many genuine people. The solution: be genuine, be that, which you want in others.

Strangely, no one asks where is father in all this. He didn’t get any shit storm like her mother, who at least had the decency to show up for Paris in her docu. What does this film tell about the Hiltons? It belittles its legacy, that’s for sure.

However, this needs to change. For the Hiltons and every other family. It starts with virtues.
We all have our pluses and minuses, virtues and flaws, ups and downs, including schools and families. Paris has now decided to speak up about her past troubles but it is important to do it with grace, without falling into trap of harming others along the way, because the blame game or revenge clothed as “saving other kids” is not a decent path. There is a decent way about it, which I’d like to point.

Paris and others so-called survivors, I have two questions for you that might bring a paradigm shift for you and so break you free from the chains and suffering that you and no one else put on yourself. Some teachers and parents might have harmed you with their tough love in the past, but with your interpretation of the events, you have been harming yourself unnecessarily for much longer and it is time to stop that. And also, the answers might bring real solutions for the kids you are trying to save with this campaign:

1. If you had a teenager kid who is insecure or spoiled to the point that she or he is rebelliously acting promiscuously, disrespectfully, taking drugs and alcohol, lying, sneaking out at night to go to nightclubs when (s)he should be studying or resting, what would YOU do as a parent of such kid? Honestly, answer that.
I asked a social pedagogue that and he had no answer or solution, then how do you expect parents to know it?! If you know the solution, the best way to turn naughty kids into decent kids, then please tell us! What were parents supposed to do to save their kids from being “eaten by a wolf”???

2. Second question is: if you were a reformatory school principal who has to deal with not one kid but hundreds of them every day, the kids which own parents can’t handle, how would you go about treating these disrespectful, naughty kids? What would YOU do? And how would you find decent teachers for them? Because, who on Earth would like a job like that?! It is far from a dream job. People have enough stress in their private lives, so having more stress from disrespectful kids at work is surely not good for them and no wonder they snap at times. There is only so much one can handle from misbehaving kids.

This is not to take their side, by all means, but to give them some slack to find a solution. The best solutions can be found only at a place of compassion or any other virtues, and surely not at a place of hate, revenge, criticism or anything like that.

So, instead of blaming and publicly shaming those indecent teachers, if you believe you know better, Paris, would you take their job yourself? Would you like to be a teacher of these troubled kids at Provo? Even for a day? Say, for a reality show, so you get paid more than what they are paid? Please, show us, how a teacher should treat kids who are disrespectful to you, who break rules. Instead of shaming those teachers, reform them, show them how it is to be done, please. What should have they done, how should have they treated you at the time you were indecent? What would turn you into a decent, respectful person?

This campaign of publicly shaming the reformatory school that feeds this newish “cancel culture” leads nowhere. You shut one school but there will be ten other ones in its place, because you provided no solution to parents who are left with naughty kids. This school that you want to shut with your campaigning has new owner and stuff, since the time you attended it, so what are you doing here?! Rather than going for a shit storm with this, be gracious about it and provide solutions. If you don’t know better than them, then you have no right to throw stones on them. Are you without a sin? If not, shall we throw stones on you? Let’s be civilized about this.

We have solutions for all these issues and everyone involved.
To mention the law of causality and karma at this point or to point out the fact that we all reap what we sowed, it would be insensitive, so I am not going to do this. Especially because sending someone on a guilt trip is much more destructive than engaging in a blame game and victim mentality. But there is something much, much more constructive than playing a victim and a blame game, and that is taking responsibility.

Responsibility is the opposite of guilt. One is constructive and other destructive. Taking full responsibility for your own life and EVERYTHING that happens in it is a first step on the virtuous path of self-liberation. If you want to be free from nightmares, insomnia, bad relationships, depression and anything like that, then the first step is to activate and cultivate the virtue of responsibility. For that you need some other virtues, such as the virtues of courage and (brutal) honesty. These three virtues are the first virtues on the threshold from destructive to constructive modes of consciousness, as seen on the consciousness scale. You are then able to raise your consciousness further and hopefully one day you can reach the modes of unconditional love, unconditional joy and inner peace.

We all have been mistreated, abused, restrained one way or another and have had our share of traumas in life and are probably some more on the way because the law of polarity regulates that the exchange of day and night, sun and rain, in nature and life, so it is important to learn how to face those traumatic experiences. The same way as facing night and rain, I guess. Take them as part of the dynamics of life, needed for growth. As they say, no pain, no gain. As there is much gain from rain, storms, night and such unpleasant forces of nature (even earthquakes), there is much to win from every type of trauma as well, as long as you are not immature and approach it from a higher mode of consciousness, with virtues of wisdom, understanding, compassion, self-esteem and such.

When it comes to nightmares, hoping to get rid of them by “saving other kids” from the claws of one school’s teachers is a ridiculous claim, Paris. This is not how it is done. No one ever god rid of nightmares this way. If you are really doing this campaign to save kids, then this would make you a very, very mean person, because why have you waited so long to save these kids? If you have refused to save them before because you didn’t want to hurt your brand – how mean is that?! This would mean that thousands and thousands of kids have been abused all these past years because of you! You had a chance to save them long ago, but you didn’t, because you didn’t want to hurt your brand, as you clearly said, you didn’t want to lose a chance to make a billion, even though you had enough money, even though you had millions. How greedy is that? Not saving the kids earlier out of greed – how mean is that?!

But of course, this is not the case. You are not this mean, greedy person. Which means, you are not doing this campaign to save kids. Let’s be honest. Of course, you want to save kids, who wouldn’t, but this campaign is not about that. You are rebranding and this is good for you. Enough of fakeness. I hope you are not going to fall back into this trap of fake identity for the sake of money. I don’t know where you are going with this, Paris, but I have a great suggestion for you, which will equally benefit you, troubled kids and all your fans. Are you ready for this?

As I said, Paris, for me you are maybe not the queen (but maybe princess) of virtues, but surely someone who become successful because of your virtues, rather than your education or knowledge or skills or connections, which is why you deserve a lot of credit and respect. I would like you to become a godmother of virtues, by promoting virtues wherever and whenever you can, because this is your true identity, as you owe your success to your virtues. Let’s make virtues fashionable, so that teenagers who want to be cool, don’t fall into naughtiness but raise to nobility! How about that?!

When it comes to your nightmares, the solution for it is to rewrite your cellular memory (or unconsciousness) by reinterpreting the traumatic events at the school. What is harming you nowadays and giving you nightmares is not what happened at the school (and anywhere else) but your interpretation of these events. Most likely, the teachers meant no harm; they were just doing their job. A job at a reformatory school is not the same as at normal school, because the kids they get there are not as decent or mentally healthy as normal kids. They didn’t know any better than to treat you that way, to use these reformatory methods to break your ego and a pattern of bad behavior, so you shouldn’t blame them for not knowing a better method, especially if you yourself also don’t know a better method to break a pattern of bad behavior.

However unpleasant, their method actually worked for you, as it did break a bad pattern in you, because you turned into a decent human being. The allegations of abuse, humiliation, isolation, restraints, medications and such are misplaced as these actually happen in every school, so the allegations should be put forward the whole school system and not just one school. In “normal” schools kids get abused, humiliated, isolated, restrained and medicated all the time!

Solitary confinement is not such a bad thing if you are in a right frame of mind. Monks do it all the time, willingly, and not just for hours or days but for months and years! You could use that confinement to meditate, visualize and do any other spiritually practices.

The reason you made it to the top afterwards, unlike other “survivors” is because you used the confinement to visualize your future. It worked out because of a strong electromagnetic charge of your thoughts and emotions at the time directed at a goal, so, in a way, you can thank your confinement for your successes. Who knows if you would manage to succeed on such scale if you didn’t go through it, because let’s face it, most celeb kids don’t make it (end up in rehabs). If you continued on the path you were on, you would probably now have daymares, rather than nightmares. When other girls have used the time in school only to moan, criticize, be angry, hate and such, you used visualization to help you get through it and to succeed at last.

So, this is just one way of reinterpreting the event that causes you nightmares. You can play with it more for the sake of healing, find the positive in the seemingly negative events, as the means to reinterpret what happened to you. This way you change your past to change your present and future. The law of polarity regulates that there is positive in every negative event, and vice versa. Your current beliefs about what happened are wrong because they harm you, so you need to change your beliefs to get rid of nightmares. Forget about what is real or not real, right or wrong, because all these distinctions are fictious in the absolute reality which is the one of non-duality.

So, what counts is, to think about what is constructive for you at this point. It is not constructive to blame the school or teachers or parents or anyone else. It is not constructive to shame or hurt anyone as what you are doing to some teachers and their families now. It is not constructive to initiate a shit storm and go through it any longer. Revenge is not constructive (you might not do it out of revenge, but those you mobilize for the campaign might be doing it out of revenge, so unknowingly you help to create monsters). All these will not bring you peace of mind you need for the nightmares to go away, but might even intensify them. So, stop all that. There is a more gracious, virtuous way to go about all this.

I suggest that you don’t go down to their level, so don’t punish them, but help them reform. Tell them (teachers and parents) what they should have done better to turn you from a naughty girl into a decent girl.
If you don’t want to do that or don’t know how to do that, let us do it by donating grants for teachers to enroll in virtufication program as taught by virtuology.

You don’t have to sponsor teachers out of your pocket, because you can raise funds with this: launch a perfume called “Virtufication” and donate all the proceeds to the Virtuology Academy and Institute . This way teachers get the grants to virtufy themselves and to become the teachers of virtuology, spreading virtues to kids, so that they don’t become naughty.

Also, people who spray the “Virtufication” perfume onto themselves automatically activate virtues by themselves because the intention behind the perfume is to do so, AND, by buying this perfume, they get to do a good karma for themselves, knowing that all the proceeds go for a good cause. So, this is a win-win win situation for absolutely everyone and no one gets hurt but reformed, i.e. virtufied.

Let’s virtufy the world, with the perfume and with the help of virtuology.


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