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Welcome to The Virtuology Institute

A research institution established for the purpose of researching virtues and the impact thereof

About the Virtuology Institute

Virtuology Institute is a think tank, policy and research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, technology, sports, and culture. It is an organizational body established for the purpose of researching and promoting virtues.
Virtuology Institute is affiliated with the Virtuology Academy.

We are a non-profit organization funded by governments, advocacy groups, and corporations, and derive revenue from consulting or research work related to our projects.
We are not partisan in purpose, not partial to any specific party, person, etc.

The institute conducts a number of projects as outlined below, culminating in a report, slide deck, data set, web site, tools, MOOC, or other devices for sharing results. We also plan to hold a final summit, with attendance restricted to program members and faculty, where program results will be shared and discussed.

  • Virtuology Institute aims to become a global center for research and promotion of virtuology. HQ is in Düsseldorf, Germany.

  • Virtuology Institute

    Virtuology Institute enjoys a reputation for being a hotbed of innovation. Its task is to update the content of the Virtuology program to ensure that it reflects political, social, economic, ecological and technological developments. By updating and developing the Virtuology, the Institute intents to further promote virtue-based teaching and learning across the world.
    Another aim of the Virtuology Institute is to better understand the needs of stakeholders for the future use of the framework and to identify useful tools and processes which can help policymakers and practitioners in their work.

    Current projects

    Vrlinology Books Series – in different languages and for different target groups:

    • general public
    • business
    • sport

    Virtuism Book – in different languages

    • English
    • German
    • Croatian

    Postcapitalism and Virtuism

    Research and think tank on current postcapilastic trends and on the ways of transitioning to virtuism.

    Stories that inspire virtues

    Research on the inspiring stories that will be included in the modules on particular virtues.

    Current Projects