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Welcome to The Virtuology Institute

A research institution established for the purpose of researching virtues and the impact thereof

About the Virtuology Institute

Virtuology Institute is a think tank, policy and research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, technology, sports, and culture. It is an organizational body established for the purpose of researching and promoting virtues.
Virtuology Institute is affiliated with the Virtuology Academy.

We are a non-profit organization funded by governments, advocacy groups, and corporations, and derive revenue from consulting or research work related to our projects.
We are not partisan in purpose, not partial to any specific party, person, etc.

The institute conducts a number of projects as outlined below, culminating in a report, slide deck, data set, web site, tools, MOOC, or other devices for sharing results. We also hold an annual summit, with attendance restricted to program members and faculty, where program results are shared and discussed.

  • Virtuology Institute aims to become a global center for research and promotion of virtuology. HQ is in Düsseldorf, Germany.

  • Virtuology Institute

    Virtuology Institute is broadly responsible for developing an in-depth, empathy-driven understanding of our students’ needs and goals, and crafting integrated learning experiences that build the capabilities necessary to achieve extraordinary results for our students. Virtuology Institute members are highly collaborative, partnering with colleagues from our Academy.
    Virtuology Institute enjoys a reputation for being a hotbed of innovation. Its task is to update the content of the Virtuology program to ensure that it reflects political, social, economic, ecological and technological developments. By updating and developing the Virtuology, the Institute intents to further promote virtue-based teaching and learning across the world.
    Another aim of the Virtuology Institute is to better understand the needs of stakeholders for the future use of the framework and to identify useful tools and processes which can help policymakers and practitioners in their work.

    Our Evaluation Tools

    We are kind of obsessed with results.
    Our Impact Evaluation and Outcome Monitoring are important components of the armory of our bona fide evaluation tools and approaches and integral to our efforts to improve the effectiveness of results delivery and our beneficiaries’ spending in improving their performance and ROI.

    Randomized field experiments, impact indicators, KPI, benchmarking practices and estimation methods are strong research designs for assessing program relevance, effectiveness, and impact. To bypass any biases in estimating our program’s effects, we welcome any third party to do the evaluation.

    The main measure is the grade of progress, which is assessed at the beginning, throughout, and at the end of the program participation by ratings and metrics. Together, we formulate clear indicators for each objective and result, set how and when to conduct monitoring and evaluation to determine the progress and outcome.

    The Impact Evaluation

    Our impact evaluation assesses the changes that can be attributed to virtufication and virtuology, both the intended ones, as well as the unintended ones. It is structured to answer key questions for evidence-based policy-making: how would outcomes such as participants’ productivity have changed if the intervention had not been undertaken, what works, what doesn’t, why, and how much? Impact evaluations seek to answer cause-and-effect questions, as they look for the changes in outcome that are directly attributable to our program and underline the successful mechanisms.

    The Outcome Monitoring

    Our outcome monitoring examines whether targets have been achieved, which involves regularly measuring and monitoring the progress of the organization with standardized self-report scales throughout the intervention. Outcome mapping is a project progress measurement system we use to assess the effectiveness of our outcome-based methods. As Outcome-Based Education (OBE) by the end of the educational experience, each participant should have achieved the goal(s).

    Current projects

    Virtuology for Business

    Video Production

    Designing and producing the video modules for the Academy curses

    Virtuology Books Series – in different languages and for different target groups:

    • general public
    • business
    • sport

    Postcapitalism and Virtuism

    Research and think tank on current postcapilastic trends and on the ways of transitioning to virtuism.

    Projects Investment