Virtuology Academy
higher education for
teachers of virtues


Virtuology Institute
research institution, focus on
virtues and the impact thereof


Virtuology Foundation
funds for the support of
virtue-driven projects


Virtuology Network
a network of virtuologues
for the advancement of virtues

Activate the virtues for success

We are passionate about helping you accomplish anything by means of virtues


About Virtuology
The Science of Virtues
explained in detail


Virtufy Yourself
Use our app to create an avatar to cultivate your virtues


Virtuism System
Say good-bye to capitalism; say hello to virtue-based societies


Virtues Database
Wikipedia data on virtues
info on what but not on how

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Why Work With Us

There is absolutely no one like us, in the sense that we offer a comprehensive program on virtues – multimedia modules that cover everything you need to know about how to:

  • activate and cultivate each individual virtue
  • manage your flaws and free yourself from them
  • hone particular skills essential for any success

Feature content that is not designed just to inform you and motivate you but to:

  • inspire you
  • transform you
  • bring real results

We are constantly improving ourselves and our content to make sure that we and our users are on the leading edge and harnessing all that the world has to offer in order to bring each and every one of us to a level where everything imagined is possible.

We are what we preach

We make virtues our priority in our private and professional lives. Virtuology is not work to us, it is our way of life. We live it and breathe it, not just propagate it. You can be sure that we will deal with you only with love, integrity, joy, appreciation and all the other virtues.