COVID-19 Cure Found!

Here we present a cure for and prevention from COVID-19, called Virtufication, which serves as a psychological or energy vaccine.

There are specific pharmaceutical solutions to prevent or treat COVID-19 such as vaccines, immunizations, and medications.
However, apart from pharmaceutic solutions, humankind has other available solutions. One of them is to boost own immune system by building an antibody with the power of the constructive modes of consciousness, the virtues.

We will reveal the cure for and the prevention from COVID-19 but first, you need to discern the fake news from the genuine ones.

Detecting fake news

There is much misinformation about Covid-19 circulating online, which is why you need a way to detect the fallacies. There is a lie-detector organ in human body, which is there to help you tell truth from lies. This organ is: muscles. Some muscles are more telling than the others but in general you feel weaker in the presence of lie and stronger in the presence of truth.

If your level of consciousness is high enough (above 200 on the scale of consciousness) and there are no toxic or disturbing substances in or on you (including metals – gasses, watch, jewelry etc.), you can do a simple kinesiological muscle test (MRT or MMT, a.k.a. neuro-muscular biofeedback) to detect a lie or truth.

Research published in Psychological Science cited similar results related to human lie detection. Scientists determined that, as compared to more-conscious mental processes, less-conscious mental processes are more accurate when it comes to predicting whether someone is telling a lie. The muscle test detecting a lie or truth is most accurate when you are at the highest mode of consciousness possible – preferably put yourself in the mode of inner peace, or compassion, or joy, whenever you attempt to use your muscles to discern whether this article and any other are telling truth or lie. When it comes to solutions, effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Using your muscles as well as intuition (gut feeling), you can tell whether the information here and elsewhere is true or not. Also, with the same method, you need to find out the truth behind all the nonsense circulating mass-media these days. Bad news sells, so there is no shortage of scary stories in the media about coronavirus. There is far too much hysteria around it at the moment, which puts you in more danger of making yourself ill by merely focusing on this. Stress, fear and worry is what makes people ill, with even fatal consequences.

Some say coronavirus is “deadly”, which is not true. To say that coronavirus is deadly would be the same as saying that cars are deadly. Yes, there are people dying after being infected by coronavirus, however, it is not the virus that kills them but their weak immune system, which is why only people with a compromised immune system get infected and only less than 5% die. Over 95% who were known to be infected, recovered from it. Many other people were infected but haven’t developed any symptoms due to their strong immune system, so there is an estimate that only less than 2% infected people die. Based on Johns Hopkins University statistics, the global death-to-case ratio is 2.13% as of 2 August 2021. If coronavirus were deadly, then all or most infected people would die. This proves that virus doesn’t kill, something else does. And this tells you that you need not fear the coronavirus.

Why some people die after they were infected with virus is because of their negative modes of consciousness, such as fear, worry and other stressful modes. The release of stress hormones shuts down the immune system and so makes you prone to infections and diseases.
Fear breeds stress and the fear of the coronavirus is what is deadly, not the virus itself!
People love a drama and so like to revel in the doom and gloom! We suggest staying away from such people where possible or, even better, talk some sense into them!

The point here is that no matter what your state of health, you will only benefit from steering clear of the fear and bringing yourself into any of the constructive modes of consciousness. Do not spread fear and worry, instead spread compassion, faith, love, unconditional joy and other virtues.

A word or two on whether you should trust conspiracy theories. When they base themselves on fear, worry, blame, speculations, distrust, (often) lies, and other flaws or destructive modes of consciousness, we don’t advise engaging in them, especially if they are problem-focused rather than solution-focused. Whoever doesn’t have a better solution than the one they are protesting against, should reconsider whether they are adding to a problem or solution.

We support the solution-focused theories that base themselves on virtues, such as responsibility, courage, constructive criticism, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, positiveness, benignity, goodwill, openness, flexibility, calmness, kindness, optimism, hope, honor, wisdom, and other such constructive modes of consciousness.

You can distinguish if a theory is a good or bad one by the rhetoric its perpetrators use. If there is any talk that instigates fear, worry, blame, speculations, distrust, violence, swearing or bad language, foul play, and other flaws or destructive modes of consciousness, you can be sure that it is a bad or negative one. Nothing good comes from bad seeds or actions. And no solution can be found by focusing on the problem rather than the solution-finding.

Regarding the prejudices and false conclusions, let’s use a metaphor: did you know that no snakebite ever kills? Snakes do not kill people. The bite does not kill. What killed many people was not the snakebite but the poison. Not even that. If we let the poison spread in the body, that is what kills, not the snake. We need to prevent the spread of poison or to take the antidote or, better yet, to learn to assimilate the body so that it turns the poison into a medicine, to turn what was originally negative into a positive one. Failure to do so will kill us, not a snake, not even a bite or even poison. Our inaction kills. It is the same with all other “snakes” in our lives, such as “toxic” humans, viruses and situations.

One can only contract a virus while vibrating at the same rate as the virus, and stress and fear drags men down to the level of the virus. Also, due to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract. People who continually speak of virus or disease, invariably attract it. Virus cannot survive and a disease cannot exist in the tissue that has a high vibration. Therefore, we need to maintain a high frequency to maintain our health.
When you get sick, it is due to your frequency drop, thus you need to raise it – you can raise it with medicines, food, and virtues

The COVID-19 cure is: Virtufication

the cure for and the prevention from COVID-19

Virtufication is the process of raising consciousness (not awareness) or a leap of consciousness, which is done through cultivating high-potency virtues.

Pharmaceutical or medical vaccines help people develop immunity to a virus. That is all they do. Vaccines don’t kill a virus; they keep you from getting sick from it, so if you get contaminated with a virus, you still have it in you and can transmit it to others. Pharmaceutical or medical vaccines are injected into blood, but transmission or spreading of virus occurs mostly through nose and mouth (hence the masks). Let’s not forget that coronavirus is a respiratory pathogen. What vaccines do, they prevent you from getting ill from a virus, but they don’t prevent you from getting contaminated with it and so they don’t prevent you from spreading it. Therefore, you should keep being careful around others, if you don’t want to contaminate them in case you are contaminated (which you can’t know since vaccines suppress the symptoms).
Can you still transmit Covid-19 after vaccination? – BBC Future
What COVID-19 vaccines can and can′t do | Science – DW
You may want to wait a bit for a new VACCINE type able to induce STERILIZING IMMUNITY, which prevents transmission and is intranasal.

There is not even one single scientific evidence that vaccinated people do not spread a virus. If you have a proof, please give it to us, so that we could gladly publish it. Until now, we haven’t found or received any. As a matter of fact, all the found evidence point to the contrary, to the fact that the vaccinated people can equally transmit the coronavirus as the unvaccinated do.
The fact that it is not against the law to refuse vaccination (vaccines will never be made mandatory by law), it proves enough that unvaccinated people do not harm anyone. If unvaccinated people would spread the virus more than vaccinated, harming others, then a law would be enacted against those who harm others.
Also, the fact that coronavirus infections rise, regardless of most people being vaccinated, should be additional indication that vaccinated people spread the virus.
Think about all that before jumping to conclusions, judging or restricting the unvaccinated people. Animosity toward anyone is inhumane and mutually damaging. As any flaw, it makes you weak, so refrain from it.

Although pharmaceutical or medical vaccines may be currently the best official means to contain the pandemic and to prevent getting ill from coronavirus, not everyone can or will get vaccinated, such as:

  • people with phobias – aichmophobia or trypanophobia (extreme fear of needles and injections; estimated at least 10% of adults) and blood-related phobias, which are mostly genetic.
  • • Many individuals reject vaccines, as it is either against their philosophy or religion (churches that rely on prayer or faith healing such as Christian Science, Amish, Fundamentalists, evangelical Christians, Church of the First Born, End Time Ministries, Faith Assembly, Faith Tabernacle, The First Church of Christ, First Century Gospel Church, etc.), which should be respected, given that unvaccinated do no harm (no more than vaccinated people).
  • Ethical vegans also refuse the vaccines because, even if some vaccines do not contain ingredients derived from animals, they were tested on animals and animal-derived materials have been used in the production process.
  • • There are also certain groups of people who are advised not to get a vaccine for health or medical reasons (small children, people with some allergies, disabilities, and other health conditions)
    Vaccines have some adverse and even fatal effects (myocarditis, pericarditis, thromboses, hemostasis, cerebral hemorrhage, anaphylaxis, etc.) on certain vulnerable people, which raised hesitancy towards vaccines.
  • • Many people are concerned about dying from vaccine because, although it is rare, it does happen. As of Aug. 23, 2021, VAERS received 6,968 reports of death among people in US alone who received a COVID-19 vaccine. There are countless others who reported death elsewhere. In many cases there is correlation but not causation evidence.
  • • Some people are waiting for a new vaccine that provides sterilizing immunity (prevents not just getting ill but also getting infected with the virus and spreading it). New vaccines are in the pipeline from various providers.
  • • And then there are many of those who are only waiting for a vaccine to be fully tested and approved, having concerns about them being approved too early, that is, without the standard number of clinical trials.
  • • On this list of valid reason for rejecting pharmaceutical vaccines, we are not going to add here any conspiracy theories, but will validate all the people who are simply put off by being pressured to get vaccinated by all the bullying and restrictions. There is a valid psychological reason for resisting when feeling pressured into something. The pressurizing methods are contra-productive for certain types of people, who will only reject vaccine for the sake of rebelling against being pressurized. This is in accordance with the law in nature that is referred to as the law of action and reaction or the law of physics, called Newton’s third law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, for every force there is a matching counter-force. Many weak people will certainly break under the pressures from all sides (such as employers mandating vaccinations), but the strong will get stronger under pressure and oppose it even stronger, which is why pressures or taking away people’s freedoms can never be a good solution. It may work here and there but on the whole it is destructive rather than constructive.

In the wake of massive protests and measures against the unvaccinated people, all these conditions need to be taken into account before judging and restricting the unvaccinated, especially given the fact that vaccinated and unvaccinated people can spread the virus equally.

That said, we repeat, it is unwise and detrimental to make any decision, including about vaccination, based on fear, worry, prejudice, skepticism, or any other negative mode of consciousness. Decisions should be always made while in a constructive mode of consciousness (above 200 on the scale of consciousness).

For those who make a decision against any of the pharmaceutical or medical vaccines, there is an alternative – virtufication, which is also not for everyone. It is only for those who are willing to consistently virtufy themselves, which additionally positively affects mental health, well-being and success (achieving goals). Virtufying is an form of purifying, so, like washing hands or taking showers, it is a matter of psychological hygiene. As you know, there are consequences for the neglect of physical hygiene, which is true for psychological hygiene, too.

Virtufication is a self-administered psychological or energy vaccine.
A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. Virtufication does that, too. It provides the means to activate acquired immunity to all diseases. It injects high-potency virtues into your blood and body cells.
A vaccine typically contains an agent that stimulates the body’s immune system. In Virtufication that agent is a set of virtues. High-potency virtues boost the body’s immune system.

By activating the virtues you are releasing certain chemicals in your body that activate body’s defense mechanism, and signaling new genes to make new proteins that change the structure and function of your body. By virtufying yourself, you can harness the power of virtues to up-regulate the genes that make the antibody for the immune function within a few days and so direct your body to prevent and heal any disease.
More about that is explained in our Virtuology book.

The most potent virtues or modes of consciousness are presented on the scale of consciousness – a logarithmic scale that ranks different levels of consciousness. Both the cure and prevention consist of keeping your modes of consciousness as high as possible throughout the day, and not going down the scale below 200.

Throughout the day your diverse modes of consciousness go up and down countless times, as you are a bit in the mode of love, joy, compassion, courage, relaxation, gratitude, as well as in fear, worry, anger, frustration, pessimism, skepticism, greed, criticism, grief, guilt and so forth. At the end of the day, the sum total of all your positive and negative modes amounts to your average mode of consciousness or, in other words, your personal level of consciousness. The more positive your various modes of consciousness throughout the day are, the higher your level of consciousness becomes. The level of your consciousness determines your well-being.

Prevention and Treatment

For both the prevention and treatment it is important to boost your immune system by any means possible, because the human body has internal defense system to naturally fight off viruses.
Every disease is caused by a mind not at ease. All disease has a mental correspondence, so in order to heal the body (rather than just symptoms) one must first heal the mind. “As within, so without.”
As one’s ships come in over a calm sea, healing, too, comes when we calm down and cultivate the virtue of inner peace. Our healing comes when we realize that there is no power in virus unless we give it power by believing it has power or by fearing it.

  1. Shift into an elevated mode of consciousness, such as love, joy, faith, or gratitude. This will up-regulate the genes for immunoglobulin A (IgA), a protein marker for the strength of the immune system. If you do that for nine to ten minutes three times a day, average IgA levels shoot up by 49.5 percent. The more you cultivate those and other potent virtues, the stronger you immune system is.
    IgA is an antibody that is used by the body’s immune system to neutralize pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms that invade or are already living within the body’s internal environment. It’s so powerful that it’s better than any flu shot or immune system booster; it’s the primary internal defense system in the human body. When stress levels (and therefore the levels of stress hormones like cortisol) go up, this lowers levels of IgA, thereby compromising and down-regulating the immune system.

    The advantage of cultivating virtues in health is that they boost the immune system, which prevents diseases and keeps us healthy.

    Out of countless studies, let’s mention the one of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who conducted a study on the effect virtues had on immune function. They took saliva samples from 117 test subjects before and after a four-day workshop in which the participants were asked to generate elevated thoughts and emotions. They measured immunoglobulin A (IgA), a protein marker for the strength of the immune system. During their four-day workshop, they asked their participants to shift into an elevated state such as love, joy, faith, or gratitude for nine to ten minutes three times a day. They wanted to see if this would boost their immune system, that is, if they could up-regulate the genes for IgA simply by changing their emotional states. The results amazed them. Average IgA levels shot up by 49.5 percent.

    That and many other studies proved that by maintaining elevated modes of consciousness, i.e. virtues, we can literally up-regulate new genes that make new healthy proteins to strengthen our internal defense system.

    This means you have the power from within to up-regulate the genes that make IgA within a few days and so direct your body to prevent and heal any diseases. Something as simple as moving into an elevated state of joy, love, compassion, or gratitude for five to ten minutes a day can produce significant epigenetic changes in your body and health.

    Epigenetics provides the proofs that the virtues of love, joy, gratitude, faith, compassion, and peace are signaling new genes to make healthy proteins affecting body’s composition and function. The stress, which is mostly self-imposed, is turning on unhealthy genes in your body. By fully embracing virtues and rejecting the stressful thoughts and emotions, you could turn on new genes and change your health.

  2. Avoid stress and shifting into the lower modes of consciousness, which are ranked on the scale of consciousness below 200. Especially don’t give in to fears and worries.
  3. Consume food that boosts your immune system, which contains antioxidants, vitamin A, C, D(3), and E, Zinc and Magnesium. We recommend:
    Fruits: citrus fruits, blueberries, elderberry, kiwi
    Vegetables: red bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, beans (zinc)
    Herbs: garlic, ginger, turmeric, Tulsi, Basel leaves
    Nuts and Seeds (Vitamin E): almonds, sunflower seeds, Flax seed, pumpkin seeds
    Probiotics and fermented foods: Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, pickles, Tempeh, Miso, tofu, soy sauce, cider, cocoa
    Raw honey, and green tea.

    You can also take supplements rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and D3 vitamin
  4. Make sure to stay hydrated, have enough sunshine, sleep and to exercise regularly


A coronavirus infection causes flu-like symptoms such as:

• dry cough,
• fever
• a runny nose
• fatigue
• difficulties breathing
• an itchy throat
• headaches
• joint pains
• nausea
• diarrhoea
• shivering

An infected person can go up to 14 days before noticing any symptoms. According to WHO, the incubation period is, on average, five to six days.
Treatment of the infection depends on the severity of the disease presentation.
Medical treatments include administering fever-reducing medications, oxygen, maintaining fluid balance, if necessary administering antibiotics to combat bacterial co-infections.
Antibiotics don’t help because they don’t kill viruses; they only kill bacteria.

“The way we can heal ourselves is to heal others. In fact, I know of no other way to heal ourselves than to do it for other people.” – Patricia Cornwell

If you have mild symptoms, stay at home until you’ve recovered.
Otherwise, contact your competent health office, get in touch with the doctor or call a hotline – and stay at home.
Quarantine – stay at home, keeping a certain distance from others, washing your hands regularly, as well as airing living rooms and bedrooms properly and not sharing household objects (dishes, clothes, etc.) with third parties, without washing these as usual beforehand. If possible, you should not share your bathroom. Hygienic articles should not be shared and clothing should be washed regularly and thoroughly.

You can relieve your symptoms if you:

  • • rest and sleep
  • • keep warm
  • • soak up the sun, the sun is anti-viral
  • • drink plenty of liquids
  • • use a room humidifier or take a hot shower to help ease a sore throat and cough
  • • Vitamin C, Zinc, Black Elderberry, Antiviral Mushrooms (reishi, lion’s mane, shiitake, maitake), Traditional Chinese Medicines (yin xiao)
  • • reduce any type of stress to minimum – stress is a major contributor to any illness
  • • change your frequency by cultivating the virtues that rank high on the scale of consciousness

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Reality

Frequency is key. As Nikola Tesla put it: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Like everything else, all of your cells vibrate at a frequency. So, healing is about raising your frequency. The best and natural way to raise your frequency is to virtufy yourself.

All things have a frequency, including the human body on the cellular level. Higher frequency results in better health and general well-being. When you raise your frequency, you feel lighter, and when you lower it, you feel heavier, tighter, and darker. With higher frequency you radiate more light and good vibes, whereas with lower frequency you emanate bad vibes and spur disease. The higher your frequency is, the greater personal power, clarity, peace, and joy you experience and you have less, if any, discomfort or pain, and all predicaments are easily dealt with. The higher your vibration is, the more connected you are to your soul and less to your ego.


Prevent yourself the same way you do to protect yourself from a flu virus: COVID-19 Cure Found

  • keep your modes of consciousness as high as possible throughout the day, and not going down the scale below 200, as presented on the scale of consciousness
  • • reduce any type of stress to minimum – stress is a major contributor to any illness
  • • go vegan – according to several studies vegans are 73% less likely to get severe COVID-19
  • • eat the food mentioned above that boosts your immune system, containing antioxidants, vitamin A, C, D(3), and E, Zinc and Magnesium
  • • regular and thorough hand washing
  • • exercise – 30 minutes of physical activity a day for adults and one hour a day for children
  • • avoid alcohol, sugars and smoking
  • • avoid going on trips, using public transport
  • • keeping your distance from sick persons

According to the US Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, no proven case has been reported to date of a person being infected by consuming contaminated foodstuffs or through contact with objects contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Nor have there been any reports of other coronaviruses causing infection through foodstuffs or contact with dry surfaces. However, virus transmission by way of smear infection is considered possible from surfaces contaminated shortly before contact. Water does not constitute a relevant route of transmission.

virtues - virtuology

Well-being is our natural state of being. When you don’t experience well-being, it is because you are resisting it, and you are resisting it with your false beliefs and misconceptions.

If you believe that worrying and fearing is natural in certain type of situations, you need to know that this is not true. If you are worrying and fearing, it is because you are a worrying and fearful person, because your degree of consciousness is at lower levels, such as the level of worry and fear. Have a look at the scientific scale of consciousness, which proves how worry and fear have a low vibration, whereas intelligence has a totally different and higher vibration, so it is not intelligent to worry or fear.

What is normal, it is not necessarily natural or right. The most natural thing is to balance any negative condition with a positive one. So if you are in danger, it is smart not to fear or worry but instead to keep positive. You can’t love and worry at the same time. Just try it this instant, engage in the thoughts and feelings of love and see if you can love and worry at the same time. You can’t. You either worry or love. So, your duty is to love and have compassion, rather than worry or fear, or engage in any other negative, low-vibrational modes of consciousness.

It is scientifically proven that everything is energy, even the matter and bodies are all condensed energy. So when you broadcast the negative vibrations of worry and fear, you are sending out a low frequency that is picked up by others – so you are actually sending negative vibrations to the world, instead of sending the good vibrations when the world most need it. You are making the situation much worse with your worries and fears. So you must stop that this instant and engage in the thoughts and feelings of compassion towards others, because compassion will heal and transform the situation. Compassion is that powerful.
Actually, all we need is compassion to make everything all right.

When you feel compassion, meaning, when you are engaging in the thoughts, emotions and deeds of compassion, you feel positive and you radiate positive vibrations which can reach them no matter how far they are. These positive vibes stir up their vibes for the better causing them to feel better and do better. So if you want the world to be better, instead of fearing and worrying, you should spend as much time as you can engaging in the thoughts and feelings of compassion. You will be amazed what repercussions that will have. The magic will happen. Suddenly, you will experience the world around you to change for the better. Be the change you want to see in the world – said Gandhi. This is what he meant. You have to change if you want your surroundings to change.

Other powerful virtue that you could activate in yourself in times when a worry or fear enters your mind or heart is the virtue of joy, if possible unconditional joy. There is so much to be joyful about, but in times of stress most people just focus on the things that take the joy away. It is all just a matter of focus, a matter of perception. What do you choose to focus on? You know you have a free will to focus on whatever you want, don’t you? So harness your free will, and choose to focus on the good side of any situation, or on just anything good in your life. It could be the sunshine, the birds, good friends, something joyful that happened in the past, anything. Just hold on to the thoughts and emotions that bring you joy, and they will transform any situation for the better.

In regards to any disease and death, consider these truths:

  • No one thing causes anything (a virus alone can’t cause a disease or death).
  • The number of causes for any event is infinite. There is non-linear dynamics behind causality processes (as opposed to linear: A→B→C).
  • We all reap what we sowed.
  • Reincarnation and karma are real.
  • Like energy, life cannot be destroyed; it can only change form.
  • One’s exact time of bodily “death” is karmically set at birth.
  • It is safe to die.
  • In an energy field of 600 or higher (inner peace), almost anything will heal.
  • Whatever problem you have in life, if you apply the 12 Steps to it, that will solve it.
  • Praying is beneficial. Prayer increases healing.
  • What is held in mind tends to manifest.
  • The purpose of human life is to undo negative karma and gain positive karma.
  • Don’t worry, be happy!


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