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Here you will find out more about the concept behind Virtuology.

The Truth

One of the greatest values of all men is freedom. We all want to be free. It is said that truth will set us free. But truth has been compromised over the ages, resulting in most people living in the illusion of being free. The truths most people believe have not set them free, since they are not debt-free, not free to move anywhere they please, not free to obtain everything they need and wish, and they are held captive by the sprites of their mind, such as ego, greed, prejudices, lies, blame, etc. You might think you are free, but you are not, which is due to your distorted version of truth.


Recognizing The Truth

However, from the Absolute perspective there is no truth and no falsehood, because all duality is illusion.


Different people or cultures have different truth sources and even different truths. What is believed to be knowledge is debatable across different cultures and ages. Most people base their lives on such relative knowledge and so-called truths, and that is why they are not free. Their misconceptions and false beliefs are their chains.

Most people falsely believe that it is our reason, as well as knowledge and education that ensure us success and well-being, but this is the opposite of what all the greatest men in history believed and taught us. One of the greatest scientists of all times Nikola Tesla made a case for impulses coming from instincts and imagination, as the real means for shaping destiny. Einstein, too, said that imagination was more important than knowledge. Another great mind, Leonardo da Vinci, figured knowledge was not in the books and schools, claiming that nature is the source of all true knowledge. And let’s not forget what one of the wisest man in history of mankind, Socrates, said: “To know, is to know that you know nothing.”

Higher Knowledge

We are all born with all the knowledge we need for successfully fulfilling our individual missions in life and thrive. This knowledge is available to us by tuning in to our Higher Self, to our soul. We are free to build on that through education, but in truth, it’s all about allowing (not learning) the knowledge, about getting into alignment with the source of knowledge, the all-knowing Higher Power. When we open ourselves to the source of all knowledge, to the omniscient Higher Power, we are guided and given all the ideas and inspirations we need to follow in order to fulfill our vision or mission.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists. – Nikola Tesla


As advanced kinesiologists claim, all knowledge is actually coded in our body, so instinctively and intuitionally we know everything, and this knowledge can easily be tapped into by variety of means, such as meditation and intuition, but also by testing muscle response to a question, as kinesiology teaches. Our body (muscles) is strong when the answer is affirmative and weak when it is negative. But in order to get the right or true answer or knowledge, one needs to cultivate a virtue, any virtue; that is, one needs to raise consciousness to a higher, positive degree, as presented on the consciousness scale on the left – above the 200 log.

If we had to summerize all the content of our Virtuology program, it would be this:

Success at anything, as well as well-being, is achievable for anyone who keeps his/her avarage mode of consciousness above the 200 mark as presented on the consciousness scale. The higher the avarage degree of own consciousness is, the higher is the personal power, and so is the degree of success higher.
So, whatever you do, make sure to keep yourself at the higher mode of consciousness and don’t give power to no one and nothing to put you down – they don’t deserve to have that power over you.
For achieving the constant higher mode of consciousness it is necessary to have the real understanding of the nature of reality, and for most people it is necessary to undergo a paradigm shift. Virtuology program is designed to help you do that.

Most people are unaware of being in lower (below 200), destructive modes most of the time each day, because they have been accustomed to it, so it doesn’t feel negative but feels normal and right. Just because it is normal, it doesn’t mean it is right. So, do yourself a favor and monitor your consciousness and emotions throughout the day and whenever it starts to get to any of the modes below the 200 mark, make sure you don’t stay there too long, make sure to get to the next better mode, and then next and then next as far up as you can, but don’t try to jump too high at once because it won’t work.

In summary, as all the greatest minds of our history claimed, the true knowledge is not in the books, but in the omniscient source in nature that we can tap into not by learning or reasoning, but by perceiving it through instincts, intuition – gut feeling, sixth sense, inspiration, ideas, imagination, visions, conscience, etc.

The point is, the knowledge that is the base of an economy and any success should not be reduced to the facts gathered from books and teachers, nor to reason alone, but it should be primarily gained through awareness or understanding, acquired through experience of perceiving. In other words, the true knowledge is based on virtues of understanding, awareness, wisdom, resourcefulness, curiosity, openness, and such. Therefore, since true knowledge is based on virtues, then the economy, as well as the whole of society, should essentially be based on virtues, too.

virtue-based society

The success of an economy, or of individuals, is not achieved by one key factor alone, but rather by a combination of knowledge, skills, work, experience, systems, communication, relations, unity, quality, low cost, resources, marketing, innovation, leadership – all of which have value only when they are based on virtues.
Stating that economy and success are knowledge-based, it undermines other vital factors such as hard work, resources, unity, innovation etc., but since virtues underlie all these factors, it is fair to say that virtues are the most fundamental factor of economy, society, and success at large.

We say, all factors are equally important, but if we have to single one out, let it be virtues rather than knowledge from now on. We paid our dues to knowledge; it is time for us to pay our dues to virtues now. Let’s start a new cycle in history, a new renaissance. Virtues have played a key role throughout history, but it is time to fully acknowledge and exploit that, so that as a virtue-based society and economy, we can advance to a new level of existence, the one with higher consciousness and greater powers.

Integrous Nature of Virtuology

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