Virtufication – Raising Own Consciousness With Virtues


Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues

Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues

Transformational Lectures On Virtuology

helping your team to achieve success
by means of virtues


The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues

The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues

The primer on virtuology.
Everything you need to know to harness
the power of your virtues


It doesn't take talent or luck to succeed,
you just need to decide - we'll show you how.
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About Virtufication Method

Featuring the method of raising consciousness that ensures success in anything

Virtufication IS …

Virtufication is Raising Consciousness With Virtues Virtufication is a virtue activator and vice buster.

Virtufication process will get you manifold results and propel your whole life onto a new, advanced level with extraordinary benefits. When you begin to virtufy yourself and so embrace virtues-driven living,
you will experience a breakthrough and have the benefit of exceptional achievements.


By virtufying yourself, you will feel amazing about yourself and optimistic about your life; you will be much happier, healthier and more fulfilled. You will experience miraculous recoveries as well as a greater sense of power, purpose and freedom.
You will raise your consciousness, raise your standards, uplift your spirit, set your hidden powers in motion, increase your worth, grow your ability to achieve all your goals and soar to new heights.

You will be empowered to fulfill your potential, triumph even amid setbacks, project a majestic presence and draw attention, receive great admiration and respect, realize your grand visions, attain impressive outcomes, come up with marvelous solutions, even do heroic acts, all while living a life of your choosing.

You will be able to entice and benefit others without any manipulative persuasion techniques. Empowered with new tools, you will feel more confident, competent, capable, effective and productive. You’ll be much more successful in your career and your impact will be greater than ever. You will find out how to unlock the great untapped reserves of innate power.
By virtufication, you will transform yourself and your life, upgrade your existence, enrich your way of life, make major breakthroughs and progress, expand your horizons, achieve your meaningful objectives and realize your full potential for success and happiness. No matter who you are or what your situation, you have within you, right now, the resources and the ability to heal, thrive and prosper. You have the potential to exceed all your previous accomplishments. With the empowering toolkit set out for you here, you can be, have and do more than ever before. All you need to do is raise your consciousness to the modes of empowering virtues, and act on your constructive impulses.

Virtuology will help you virtufy yourself, harness the power of virtues and raise your consciousness to the modes that make achieving all your goals effortless, easy and simple. Virtuology shows you powerful ways to raise above fear, anger, anxiety and worry instantaneously. It shows you how to manage your thoughts and emotions and how to keep them upbeat all the time.

Virtuology and Virtufication are all about raising consciousness through virtues, so consciousness is a key concept here, which is why we need to expound on that topic from the get-go. Therefore, we invite you to read our module on consciousness:

  • Virtuology is the science of virtues and consciousness devoted to the study of the influence of virtues on happiness and success.
    Virtues are constructive modes of consciousness.

    virtuologues, founders of Virtuology

  • breakthrough

    Virtufication is not designed to reinforce your current beliefs. The only way you can make progress and breakthrough in life is to break through your current state. For that, you need to challenge your current beliefs rather than reinforce them since they are the drive. Therefore, if something here challenges your views, rather than taking an opposing stand, open your mind and heart to it. You don’t have to accept everything but don’t let anything stand in the way of harnessing the power of virtues. The whole point of virtuology is to get you to activate and cultivate your innate virtues for the sake of fulfilling your potential so that you can shine and thrive.
    If you ever wondered why certain people, who seem to be far less knowledgeable and skillful than you, get ahead whereas you don’t, virtuology provides not only the answer to that but also a sure means to shift that for you: the virtufication

    It is very important to acknowledge the fact that if your present wisdom has not made you shine and thrive, there must be something not quite right with it. Virtuology offers you some insights that might be against your good judgment, but here lies the key – you need to accept any challenge of your beliefs, knowing that if your present line of thinking didn’t bring you overall success and satisfaction so far, naturally it won’t do it from now on either, thus you need to be open to new ways, to expand and raise your consciousness.

    The way to make a shift in life is to make a shift in perception.

    That is a key thing you need to do. With the new perception, you will be naturally inspired to take new, effortless action that will not feel as work but as going with the flow. Virtuology is all about that – raising your consciousness to the modes of virtues, which work for you. Allow your innate virtues to work for you.

    Virtuology is meant to provide you with aha-moments that will raise your modes of consciousness higher and higher. The higher your consciousness is, the more pleasant your experience of living will be. Your pleasure level is your barometer of how developed your consciousness is, so use that to measure your progress at times.

    The level of our well-being, including our wealth, health and relationships, is determined by the level of our consciousness, which is determined by how much we cultivate virtues during each day. By raising the level of our consciousness, we raise the level of our material and spiritual well-being. We raise the level of our consciousness by virtufying ourselves, that is, by cultivating highly potent virtues. For raising own consciousness, i.e. virtufication, there is virtuology.

    Virtufication is not…

    Virtufication is not about morality or ethics. Virtuology doesn’t concern itself with principles of right or wrong, which are relative, but more with the practical implementation of individual virtues, as well as with personal liberation from the destructive forces of vices and flaws with a goal in mind: achieving long-lasting happiness, success, prosperity and well-being.

    The idea of moral superiority has been the source of many immoral, inhuman acts, including killing those perceived as morally inferior.

    Most people who believe they are virtuous are hard to live with, as they are often perceived as strict, rigorous, rigid, harsh, authoritarian, annoying or boring, and probably rightfully so. They are also too harsh on themselves, as they spend most of their lives trying to avoid what they consider wrong, improper, immoral or sinful, which usually means that this is constantly on their mind. Resisting and fighting something all the time is not freedom from it. It is very tiresome to live that way and no fun.


    Since nobody, not even the priests and gurus, can fully live by the morals prescribed by their religions and societal norms, most people live in a state of perpetual guilt, shame, fear and misery. This makes for a crippled existence with tragic consequences.

    Such morality is based on exclusion and division. Virtuology, on the other hand, is based on inclusion and unison. It takes virtues out of the “box thinking” that reduces the virtuous quality to being moral. Virtues are qualities that don’t concern themselves with morality at all. It might be very moral to cultivate them, but this is not what they are about.

    This is not to say that morality is wrong. It is not without its uses. As a matter of fact, morality brings some social order and stability to our lives, especially when essential nature of our humanity has been suppressed and distorted, and when oppressed people act out. But, like with everything, it matters how morality is applied.

    However, if every human being would know their true nature, there would be no need for morality at all. This is the mission of virtuology, to bring forward the essential human nature, to kindle the humanity in everyone, to advance the profound understanding of the human mechanism, to raise everyone’s consciousness, to virtufy the world a bit more.

    The premise is simple: you have a good seed and when you cultivate it, it will blossom. Cultivating your essence, your virtues, is your only responsibility; with co-creating value, it is what your life is all about, your life’s mission. You do not have to do anything else. You do not have to change the world, not even one single person. You do not need any lessons on morality or any metaphysical discourses. If your humanity is sparked, your virtues activated and cultivated, you are naturally changing the world by shining your light. Like a lighthouse that doesn’t need to move or do anything to help others find their way.

    Virtufication is the process of raising consciousness (not awareness) to the modes of virtues in order to be in complete harmony and sync with all of existence and so achieve lasting, profound well-being.

    Raising consciousness

    Rising to a more potent mode of consciousness enables a much greater perception and prudence needed for best decision-making and problem-solving. Only if you raise your consciousness above a certain mode can you perceive reality with clarity and in its purity. All decisions should be made and problems resolved when you are in a mode of a virtue (wisdom, peace, valor, love, joy, compassion, altruism, etc.) rather than in a mode of a flaw (fear, worry, pessimism, anger, revenge, greed etc).

    When you raise your consciousness and fine-tune yourself to the point where everything runs well within you, naturally the best of your abilities will shine out of you and you will reap brilliant rewards. Considering the Hermetic law “as within so without”, you have surely noticed that when you are well on the inside, you always perform better on the outside. And you need much less food, sleep or anything else, plus you are free of pain, stress and problems. The uninterrupted flow of energy empowers and liberates you to be all you can be and to live your way. Elevated consciousness naturally elevates the results. Virtuology acts like a switch, switching the light in you so that you can shine in whatever you do and be a beacon to others.

    The premise of the science of virtues is that the quality of our outer lives corresponds to the quality of our inner life. In other words, your life mirrors your spirit. Your outlook determines the outer look.

    Your external world is only a reflection of your internal world. You project everything. Nothing is real unless you make it real. So, for your life to become better, you need to become better. Therefore, virtues are the way.

    The reason why we never suggest resisting or abstaining from vices, flaws, faults and such is that this is a surefire way to achieve the reverse. As you know, if we told you to contemplate anything but the pink elephant, you would hardly succeed at that. As the saying goes, forbidden fruit is the sweetest, which is why drugs and vices have a greater appeal and allure than their counterparts. Temptations are hard to resist but it has more to do with the fact that it is in human nature to demonstrate some sort of rebellious attitude towards any limitations or boundaries because we want to be free. Anything that authorities or the majority condemn has the effect of upping the “cool” factor by some minorities.
    Another reason is the law of resistance, which regulates that what you resist persists.

    Therefore, our focus is rather on cultivating virtues and liberating oneself from the rule of vices. It is futile and unnecessary to try to exterminate flaws from human nature. They are there for a reason. Without the negative, there would be no positive features. They are like two sides of the same coin.

    Virtuology is about taking advantage of our virtues, harnessing the power of virtues as the means of success, which doesn’t imply avoiding the flaws and vices, but intelligently choosing that which is constructive in the long run, rather than destructive.

    Raising Consciousness

    As you raise your consciousness through virtufication (by implementing virtues into all your daily activities), you will automatically expand your consciousness and your identity more and more, pushing the boundaries of who you are and of your possibilities. From a limited identity you progress toward unlimited identity. By becoming one with everything, or in other words, removing the boundaries of who you are, your possibilities and powers become unlimited.

    One of advantages of virtufying yourself is avoiding many kinds of suffering. If you are like most people, you are consumed with financial burdens, massive workload, your family’s needs, and from time to time with various health issues. On top of that, you are probably no stranger to stressful relationships’ issues. Not to mention being bombarded with bad news and tempting offers that keep you in a constant state of craving and unfulfillment.

    All these put a strain on you and thus make you weak. No wonder, every so often you fall prey to negative, destructive modes of consciousness that cause your failures, losses, suffering and such. Therefore, if you live by default in such a stressful environment, just going through the motions day in, day out, you are bound to suffer.

    That is why you need to live on your own terms; you need to de-hypnotize yourself from the external, toxic influences that disempower you. It is simple. All you need to do is regularly cultivate your virtues, which are natural to you anyway. In other words, purify yourself regularly, or as we like to call it – virtufy yourself. Naturally, you wash your hands and whole body every day to keep healthy and clean, but do you do the same with your heart and mind? They are as important for your health and all other aspects. So, you need to cleanse them as well throughout your day. You need to regularly get rid of all the dirty and toxic emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Otherwise, they will make you “stink” and will contaminate all the other pure ones.

    How to Virtufy Yourself

    Practical Instructions

    raising consciousness using virtues
    The more you virtufy yourself (implement virtues into your daily life) the higher the level of your consciousness is, and therefore of your well-being, which increases also your productivity and efficiency that are necessary for increased prosperity.

    In Virtuology, we use the expression of “raising consciousness” to denote raising the level of consciousness, or raising own frequency.
    We also use alternative terms for it, such as consciousness calibration and virtufication. By “virtufication” we mean to emphasize the role of virtues in raising your consciousness.

    the scale of consciousness

    The modes of consciousness are the modalities you shift to or pass through throughout the day, consisting of mental states and emotions that are either positive or negative. Those two types of modes, mental and emotional, when combined with the matching physical expressions are what we call virtues and flaws. So, the modes of consciousness are in fact virtues and flaws.

    As virtuology doesn’t only tell you what you should do to achieve success, health and well-being, but also how to do it, so it offers a specific gizmo – a tool for raising your consciousness to higher, constructive and potent modes, which is called the scale of consciousness.

    The scale of consciousness, which is shown on the right, was compiled by a team led by physician and psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins, using kinesiology method. It is a calibration or virtufication tool, showing which modes of consciousness have more constructive power in the context of the attraction field.

    Important: all the modes of consciousness that rank above 200 on this scale are constructive virtues, whereas all the ones below 200 are destructive flaws.
    The more above 200 you are, the more you are tuned in to your soul, whereas the more below 200 you are, the more tuned in you are to your ego. In other words, the more you listen to your ego, the lower is your level of consciousness and well-being.

    The higher your consciousness mode is on the scale, the stronger its attraction field and power are to attract and manifest positive living conditions. Constructive modes of consciousness have constructive power, and the destructive ones have destructive power. This means that when your consciousness is at a high mode of, say, gratitude, love, joy, or peace, then you are likely to attract the conditions for well-being, as opposed to the modes of consciousness such as fear, worry, anger, and such, which attract negative conditions.

    Each mode of consciousness on this scale has its own grades, which is why some same modes are ranked differently.

    For instance, love and unconditional love, do not have the same value. Likewise, full and partial responsibility do not rank the same. So, take these rankings conceptually and broadly and not as absolute values.

    The point is to understand that the path to well-being is raising own consciousness and that the path to well-being is paved with virtues. The more you stay at higher modes of consciousness, the more well-being you have.

    We suggest taking context into account. This scale refers to the attraction field. Therefore, if you disagree that some virtue ranks inferior to another one, take the context into account.

    For instance, love can rank the highest in another context, but in the context of the attraction field, it doesn’t. Thereby, if you want to have a great relationship with someone, you will achieve more with cultivating love than, say, with practicing faith. But if you want to attract someone, the fact that you love a person it will not attract her or him to you.

    However, regardless of the context, cultivating virtues is always more constructive than cultivating flaws.

    The higher the level of your consciousness, the more soul power you have to attract what you intend.
    The lower your consciousness is, the more you are governed by your ego, instead of soul, meaning you have less constructive and more destructive power, thus you attract that which you fear and worry about.
    This scale is a map showing you the way to total well-being and enlightenment, which you can reach by raising your consciousness.

    The calibrated levels of consciousness are measuring the prevalence of illusion and not reality. The levels primarily denote the resistance to one’s actual reality. Therefore, don’t look at this scale as a hierarchy of virtues and flaws, but as a map or chart or path to enlightenment and to freedom from suffering.

    The purpose of this scale is to show how negative modes of consciousness (emotional and mental states) attract negative things and the positive ones attract positive things, and to use it to calibrate and raise your consciousness to attract or achieve any goals. What matters the most is that it can be used as a tool on the path of spiritual awakening that leads to living one’s life in bliss.

    Throughout the day your diverse modes of consciousness go up and down countless times, as you are a bit in the mode of love, joy, compassion, courage, relaxation, gratitude, as well as in fear, worry, anger, frustration, pessimism, skepticism, greed, criticism, grief, guilt and so forth.

    At the end of the day, the sum of all your positive and negative modes amounts to your average mode of consciousness or, in other words, your level of consciousness. The more positive your various modes of consciousness throughout the day are, the higher your level of consciousness becomes.

    Your current mode and general level of consciousness act as the lens through which you see reality. You change your mind when you are at a different mode of consciousness, thus when you are, for example, in love, you suddenly love and tolerate certain things that you have not done before. Likewise, when in fear or worry mode, you become cautious of those, whom you usually trust. All your perceptions, views, attitudes, beliefs, mindsets and values are a reflection of your level of consciousness, rather than reality. The higher your level of consciousness, the less blurred is the lens through which you see reality and the truth and so more able are you to reject the misconceptions that bring you problems, difficulties and suffering. The higher you go up the scale of consciousness, the higher the clarity, light and bliss level.
    Your level of consciousness or caliber is your character. Character is defined as the aggregate of distinctive qualities characteristic of a person (or of anything else, such as wine, artwork, place, nation, etc.). Your identity is tied to your consciousness level. Your personality, your interests and tastes reflect the level of your consciousness. Your interests and tastes reveal your level of consciousness and with it your level of well-being. To estimate the caliber of a person for yourself, you need only look at his or her interests and tastes.

    An analogy may make this clear. Those who prefer rap music and those who prefer classical music have different levels of consciousness and are therefore people of a different caliber. Highly spiritual, developed and cultivated beings are unlikely to have a taste for harsh and badass rap or hip-hop beats and rhythms. Likewise, brute and unrefined individuals are unlikely to have taste for subtle spiritual and classical music and literature, so you will never see gangsters chanting a mantra or singing gospels, nor reading Dostoyevsky, let alone the Vedas. It is because everything, including music and literature, has its frequency, which corresponds to caliber or level of consciousness.

    Frequency is key. Frequency defines matter and it alters it. Your consciousness emits a frequency. The frequency you consciously emit is what matters, as it affects matter, above all your body and everything you materialize and manifest in your reality. Every living cell in your body is conscious and can be addressed with the frequency of your consciousness.

    Consciousness Calibration

    As you know, the functioning of all instruments, as well as of all humans, degrade over time. This is typically caused by regular wear and tear, but also by environmental hazards. To ensure that you perform at your best, like with musical and other instruments, from time to time it is necessary to calibrate yourself – to measure and fine-tune your caliber to your ideal values. Similar to the piano and car engine tuning.

    Your caliber is the degree of your excellence, or the quality of your character, or the level of your ability. High-caliber professionals have a high level of consciousness and competence, which renders them capable of achieving their goals. Companies of outstanding caliber consist of executives and staff whose caliber or level of consciousness is particularly high.

    To optimize your consciousness for success and overall well-being you need to regularly calibrate it. Like we said, to calibrate your consciousness means to adjust the caliber of your consciousness to match your goals or ideal reality. The purpose of it is to raise your caliber, i.e. to raise the level of your consciousness, the level of your excellence, the quality of your character, the level of your ability, so as to raise power to achieve goals, attract and manifest whatever you want. We can’t repeat or emphasize that often enough for it to sink in at deeper levels of your consciousness.

    We are going to delve into the actual calibration in a bit, but just to give you a rough idea why it is necessary to calibrate your consciousness, let’s put it this way: all changes take place in consciousness, therefore, to achieve success in anything in life, to change from a state of wanting something to achieving it, it is simply not enough to accumulate knowledge and to hone your skills, but you need to raise the mode of your consciousness – cultivate the mighty virtues. You need to raise your consciousness from an unconstructive mode (flaw) to any constructive mode of consciousness (virtue).

    By staying longer and more often at the higher, constructive modes of consciousness, you are surely going to achieve much, much more than if you remained at the lower, destructive modes of consciousness. This is easy with the help of the virtuology toolkit, consisting of the scale and the empowering modules on virtues.

    So, if you are mostly in the mode of apathy, or fear, or criticism, or greed, or passivity, or resentment, or vanity, pride, blaming, rivalry, pessimism, or arrogance, you cannot expect to achieve well-being because it does not fall from skies but depends on your actions, which depend on the level of your consciousness. Therefore, you need to constantly elevate yourself to the modes such as integrity, or courage, or taking responsibility, and then raise your consciousness even further to the virtuous modes such as perseverance, confidence, patience, contentment, humbleness, optimism, gratitude… As you raise your consciousness further, elevate it to the virtuous modes of dignity, enthusiasm, understanding, altruism, hope and ultimately raising your consciousness to the mighty mode of love, especially unconditional love. From love, you can raise your consciousness even further to the potent virtues of faith, joy, compassion and peace.

    With coming that far and staying there as long as possible, you are sure to benefit from it and gain much more than if you kept where you were. This process of consciousness calibration is also called virtufication because you do it through virtues.
    Consciousness calibration method that we find most effective is virtufication, as expounded by virtuology, and the calibration or virtufication tool that we bring into play is the scale of consciousness. A reminder, virtufication is the process of activating and cultivating own innate virtues, or in other words, raising own consciousness.

    As we already wrote, our modes of consciousness go up and down countless times throughout the day, and the average or sum of all our modes is what our personal level of consciousness is. Like everyone, you are what you are as a result of the sum total of all your modes of consciousness, rather than education, though the two are often intertwined. Those modes are potent energy that, like all energy, changes forms and converts into your reality.
    The unfortunate fact is, most of the world’s population is living at a frequency below 200 on the scale of consciousness, which is why the vast majority of humanity is either suffering or just getting by. Most likely, you are one of them, but not for too long, because you are now expanding and raising your consciousness for good.

    You can tell how high is your consciousness’ level by calibrating it with a kinesiology method of muscle-testing, which we will explain, but actually, there is no need to evaluate your own current caliber, because what matters most is how far are you willing to lift yourself up. You are free to raise your consciousness as far as you wish. The sky is your limit. As soon as you take a leap of your consciousness, everything changes. As you improve, everything else in your life and world improves with you.

    You will know how far you are by your outcomes. Fruits never lie. For every tree is known by his own fruit. Just as weeds cannot produce apples, neither can you produce results different from what you are inside. When you are up, you don’t have a need to bring other people down. Only those with a lower level of consciousness do that.

    There is no need to rate other people’s level of consciousness, as it is not good to judge anyone. However, it is good to know who to listen to and take advice from, because of many “false prophets” and hypocrites. Just as we recognize a tree by its fruit, so we can recognize people by their fruits. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor a bad tree can produce good fruit. Watch out, though, for not all that glitters is gold.

    Genuine spiritual teachers and books are only those that calibrate at 360 or higher, which can be determined by a kinesiological muscle test. Good to know, most of them have been already calibrated and the list is available. You should also know that some spiritual teachers have fallen into the traps of their ego due to fame, and thus their level of consciousness has dropped significantly, meaning that you should no longer listen to them nor read their recent books, even though they might still be more evolved as you are.

    As a matter of fact, there is no need to follow or listen to anyone, because we all have access to the same source of true knowledge (without the additives of personal agendas). If your energy is so polluted and your consciousness so blurred that you are unable to see the truth, then it is wise to do an energy detox and raise your consciousness to as higher modes as possible so that your level of consciousness increases.

    If that is difficult and is much easier for you to follow some teachers, then be sure to check their level of consciousness and do not be fooled by their old glory, but rather go by feelings from your gut (intuition) and a muscle test (explained in the Virtuology book). Note that this is not about being skeptical or judgemental of them, which would be faulty, but about being wise.

    It is very important not to allow anyone or anything to bring us down the scale of our consciousness, to take away our peace and joy. Basically, no one and nothing can do it unless we allow it and if we become aware that the true source of success and happiness is inside of us rather than outside. But you already knew that, nevertheless it is worth reminding you over and over, as long as you still pursue a career and stuff to be happy.

    These insights, like many others, demonstrate that it is highly disadvantageous to hate, criticize, make accusations, or get angry or greedy because the toxic charge of such modes of consciousness weakens our attraction field and so we impair ourselves, disable our well-being as well as any progress and solution-finding. Therefore, even if you’re right, rather choose to be at peace than to be right! Choose a higher level of consciousness, rather than a lower one – take responsibility for your emotions and your consciousness, be in control of your conditions, instead of being at their mercy or a slave of your emotions.

    Easier said than done, you might think. Everything is easier said than done, so what? It does get much easier with time and practice. Just being aware of all this, as you are now, it makes it easier to take charge of your consciousness. Surely, your unconscious mind will take over at most times, but it too will be greatly influenced for the better when you keep your consciousness at higher modes, and so, with times, you will even unconsciously stay more at such beneficial modes, that is, cultivate virtues and reject flaws.

    Our negative reaction harms us more than whatever or whoever caused it because it stays with us for a long time. Someone harms us for a minute or two, but by wallowing in resentment we harm ourselves as long as we cultivate that resentment. It is in such most difficult situations, whenever we meet challenges that we need to bring our consciousness to a higher level, in order to remedy the situation and even make a breakthrough in our life. Most people do the opposite, in difficult situations (disease, poverty, conflicts…) they stick to the negative thoughts and emotions of the lower consciousness and therefore cannot rescue themselves without external help. Self-help, as well as building success and well-being, requires raising consciousness by „tuning up“ to uplifting thoughts and emotions, such as unconditional love and joy.

    So, next time some trouble “hits” you, don’t give in to the temptation to go down the scale of consciousness but raise your consciousness as high as possible using virtues. Of course, it is better not to wait for trouble, but to regularly bring yourself to a higher mode of consciousness. That way you can avoid much of the troubles and be prepared for the inevitable ones.

    It is in human nature that we can develop and learn best through resistance and challenges, meaning through negative or difficult circumstances. For instance, we can’t improve our physical muscles in the gym without weights or resistance. Same, in every sport and game there are challenges to overcome in order to win or advance to the next level. Resistance and challenges are necessary for developing power, both the physical and the spiritual one. The only way we humans evolve, improve and learn is through resistance and challenges.

    So, whenever some resistance or challenge shows up in the form of illness or family issues or love concerns or work distress or whatever else, embrace it as a chance to make a breakthrough or to learn something that will help you in the future even if you do not know how. So, you need to see such situations as stepping-stones that help you leap to another level in your life, make a breakthrough. This is possible only with the virtues, with a higher mode of consciousness than the one we were at.

    Fleeting success is possible for anyone even at the lower modes of consciousness, but the effortless and lasting success and well-being are possible only if you keep your consciousness at a log of 500 or above (according to the scale of consciousness). That is the natural mode of your soul. Well-being is your natural way of being. It is destabilized every time you fall to lower modes of consciousness – whenever temptations come over you (negative emotions and thoughts) when you are demoralized, but also due to adverse environmental impacts (noise, bad smell, too cold or hot, swearing…) if you are not protected. You can easily bounce back to your natural condition as soon as you focus on some virtue that calibrates at 500 or above, such as unconditional love, joy, compassion or hope.

    To achieve success, it is vital to make important decisions while at a higher level of consciousness, such as while cultivating love (for what you do and for the recipients of your service/products), compassion, joy or inner peace. Likewise, never make any important decisions, neither act in the moments when your mind is wrapped up in skepticism, pessimism, fear, worry, anger, apathy, sadness, greed or any other destructive modes of consciousness. Instead, consciously bring yourself to the highest possible mode of consciousness. Our modules on the topics of particular virtues and flaws can help you with this if you need support.
    This is what distinguishes successful from unsuccessful people – successful people make decisions and act from higher modes of consciousness, regardless of that they might otherwise often be at a lower mode of consciousness (such as greed, arrogance or whatever). If you know people who are very successful and wealthy, and know them to be mostly at the modes such as pride, arrogance, vanity, egoism, selfishness, meanness and the like, it would be wrong to conclude that these are the features needed to achieve success and therefore turn away from striving for success or even act like that way. They are successful not because they are how you perceive them to be, but because they make decisions and actions related to business and finance at a higher mode of consciousness. And we all know that the decisions and actions are what determine results.

    Even when someone’s consciousness is at the mode of arrogance, greed or stinginess, in the context of success he is better off than all those whose consciousness is even lower, such as when criticizing, worrying, having fears, or in apathy, as seen on the scale of consciousness.

    Another important distinction is the one between being rich and wealthy. The rich people that you might know of, whose level of consciousness is by and large pretty low, are, in fact, living miserable and stressful lives, which is not our objective. You might not be aware but the criminals can be in the mighty modes of love, joy, faith and devotion and so amount their fortune, but if those modes are directed towards bad ends (the love of money, the joy of killing, etc.), they will end badly. You can make a lot of money on any level of consciousness, even as a gangster or crooked politician, but this is fleeting and comes with a high price, such as at the cost of health, love, happy family life, etc.

    Bottom line, to achieve lasting, overall success, you need to make important decisions and steps only when you bring yourself to a higher mode of consciousness than 200 as shown on the scale and, possibly, at 500 or above.

    Everything in the world is interrelated at some level, so a radio receiver and we have also some similar features, such as that we both need to tune in to the right frequency to receive what we want. On the radio, each station has its own frequency and we cannot listen to a particular one unless we tune in to its frequency. Similarly, we cannot have real and lasting success unless we adjust ourselves to a log of 500 or more on the consciousness scale.

    There is no one cause to anything and success is not a metaphorical lock for which there is a key, but if there is such thing as the key to success in representational terms, then rising consciousness would be it, which is done by cultivating virtues (virtufication).

    The higher your consciousness is, the closer you get to the source of success and to your original condition – well-being. Each of your emotions and attitudes has its own energetic vibration and therefore a frequency – you are at a higher frequency when you’re having lofty emotions and thoughts, and at a lower frequency when you’re having downbeat emotions and thoughts. Don’t mind us “playing the same tune”, over and over; it is meant to make a strong imprint on your subconscious mind. As a Latin proverb claims, repetitio est mater studiorum – repetition is the mother of learning.
    Raising consciousness to any of the elevated virtue modes is not an attainment or an achievement. It is a homecoming. It is our true nature to be at the top of our abilities. Well-being is our natural state of being. When it comes to making the most out of your consciousness, there is nothing to achieve but only to let go. Let go of your illusions, and surrender to that divine spark that is omnipresent in every atom of you and all the other creations in nature.

    As soon as your consciousness alters, that automatically alters your body’s chemistry, frequency and condition as well, causing either disorder or recovery, depending on whether you lowered or raised your consciousness. Therefore, most disorders are psychosomatic in nature, whether they are in health, finances, romance or anything else. As the saying goes, it is all in your head. In fact, it is all in your consciousness.
    Any condition that deviates from well-being is a disorder, a departure from the natural state, from harmony.

    Every disorder can be remedied by correcting or raising the frequency. Your frequency is raised by raising own consciousness, which is raised by virtues – virtues-based thoughts, emotions and deeds raise your frequency and restore any disorder. When you are at the wavelength of a virtue, you are connected with your higher consciousness, which provides you with inspirations and insights into what you need to be and do in order to sort out current disorder in your life and to manifest the ideal reality.

    Virtufy Yourself


    raising consciousness
    Heal & Prevent
    Raise your consciousness as high as possible as often as possible, especially when you are ill or in pain – go to joy by laughing at funny videos; don’t watch bad news & horror films

    At Work

    raising consciousness
    Raise your consciousness as high as possible as often as possible, especially when you need to attain a goal – love your work, have joy at work, have faith, be devoted…


    raising consciousness
    Romance & Friendships
    Raise your consciousness as high as possible as often as possible, be kind, loving, compassionate, fascinating, forgiving, grateful, respectful; don’t be egoistic and critical


    raising consciousness
    Raise your consciousness as high as possible as often as possible, especially cultivate generosity (you reap what you sow), visionariness, responsibility, perseverance, faith…


    I Virtufy – 30D Challenge
    Participate in the 30-cay challenge to get virtufied for a breakthrough




    With love in your heart, mind and deeds you are sure to raise your frequency and so boost your immunity


    Whenever you see others suffering, extend your compassion to help them recover, no matter distance


    Take responsibility for your life, including for your health and healing, to be in charge of your well-being




    Never lose faith in the laws and powers of nature, in yourself, in the power of virtues and in your healing


    There is always something to be optimistic about. It doesn’t matter what you are optimistic about


    Always be grateful for every little thing and make sure to let others know you appreciate them and their help

    Featured Virtufication – Coronavirus

    Coronavirus – Prevention and Healing

    Please read the introduction here: Coronavirus Cure Found!

    Your Frequency Is Key To Heal

    Virus cannot survive and a disease cannot exist in the tissue that has a high vibration!
    Therefore, you need to maintain a high frequency to maintain your health.
    When you get sick, it is due to your frequency drop, thus you need to raise it – you can raise it with:

    “The way we can heal ourselves is to heal others.
    In fact, I know of no other way to heal ourselves than to do it for other people.”
    – Patricia Cornwell

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