helping your team to achieve success by means of virtues

We offer transformational lectures on the subject of virtues as means for accomplishing any goals. Our lectures provide practical instructions for cultivating virtues and managing flaws.

The purpose of our lectures is to enable participants to boost their virtues and free themselves of their flaws and so empower them to achieve lasting success in all their undertakings.

The premise of our program is that in order to be successful and to prosper one needs more than just knowledge and skills; one needs virtues, most of all. Therefore, our lectures don't facilitate acquisition of knowledge or honing of skills. Instead, they are designed primarily to inspire you to activate and cultivate your inborn virtues, and ultimately to transform you.

There are generally four types of speakers in the world: informational, motivational, inspirational, and transformational. Each type have the same great value in their respective contexts but they are different in effect. Most speakers are a bit of all four types but one of them is predominant. Most school teachers are informational speakers - they are there to transmit facts. It is not always required to either motivate, inspire, or transform the audience. Most motivational speakers are good at exhibiting the virtues of passion and enthusiasm so as to mobilize the audience to action, but they are needed on regular basis because motivation from a speaker can only last for so long. Inspirational speakers make their mark in spirit of the audience, lifting their spirits up with virtues such as courage and fortitude, and are contagious. They inspire others to believe in themselves and in their own ability to create extraordinary results.

Transformational speakers are called when there is a need to transform the audience so as to advance to a new level of existence and success. A transformation requires a paradigm shift, which we facilitate. It is more about letting go than aquiring, about allowing instead of resisting.

Natalija Domin

Creator of the Virtuology program
Author of the Virtuology book
Mentor of the Virtuology course
CEO & Founder of Talidari
President & Founder of the association "The School of Life"

Natalija is transformational speeker, lecturing to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. In her interdisciplinary lectures she uses multimedia arts - combing literature, music (didgeridoo), painting, design and performance.

My purpose is to trigger transformation by inspiring people of all walks of life to discover the virtues inherent within them and to bring forth those virtues in their daily lives so as to accomplish all goals. - Natalija Domin

Dariusz Domin

in charge of musical and visual effects in multimedia lectures. He enriches the lectures by playing didgeridoo, Japanese and Arabic flute, as well as painting and designing the visuals.

Social Peadgogue
Art Director, Audio Designer, Visual Effects
Co-Founder of Talidari
Co-Founder of the association "The School of Life"

naTali + Dariusz

When you hire us to lecture at your premises, you will be given a choice of themes, level and volume.

We tailor our lectures to suit the needs and budget of your organization. The focus is always on the virtues increase and the flaw decrease, since that is at the core of any success and development. During assessment phase we will assess your priorities at the point in time so as to select appropriate theme(s) of the lecture(s). Depending on prior co-operation we assess the level. Depending on the budget we agree on the volume and extent to which our lecture(s) go. As your budget allows it, we offer lectures with one or more people from our team, with music, performance, visual effects, multimedia tools and so on.

Upon your inquiry we will send you our form to fill and then our price list. Contact as here »

Virtuology Weekend Retreat
a multimedia extravaganza for total transformation

Join us at our two-day transformational retreat!
Treat yourself or your loved ones or your team to a fun transformational two-day workshop packed with life-changing presentations.

We assure you this is going to be one of the most transformational experience in your life. You will not be the same. Your life will totally change, as if you were reborn. After this retreat you will enter into a new dimension of reality, you will do a paradigm shift and your life will be filled with unconditional joy, love and peace, which will transform your health, productivity, bank account and personal relationships.

To make the most of this transformational process you will be asked to commit two days to it. For most people it means taking a weekend off to do this, but it can be any two days in a row.

At present these retreats are being held in Düssledorf, Germany but very soon will be held at other towns too, as well as online.
If you would like to organize our retreat in your location, please contact as here »


Welcome to the website of Talidari, activists and creators of the Virtuology concept. Talidari is a duo lecturing to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. In their interdisciplinary work they use multimedia arts, combing literature, music (didgeridoo), painting, design and performance. Talidari create and innovate by crossing boundaries and using the database from higher realms of reality. Read more »
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