We are passionate about helping you achieve lasting success by means of virtues

E-Course "Virtuology" is an online course that provides multimedia training for success and prosperity.
It includes modules on cultivating virtues and riddance of flaws.

The purpose of this program is to enable you to strengthen your virtues and free yourself of your flaws and so empower you to achieve lasting success and prosperity.

The premise of this course is that in order to be successful and to prosper one needs more than just knowledge and skills; one needs virtues, most of all. Therefore, the course is not knowledge-based. Instead, it is designed to inspire you to activate and cultivate your inborn virtues.

The duration of the course is unlimited because it is a part of lifelong learning.
However, for the purpose of achieving certain goals, the basic level is achieved in 10 modules
E-certificates are issued after graduation of each level.

Flagship Virtuology
Know-how on using virtues for health, romance and wealth
  Virtuology for Business
Set of virtues needed for achieving great success.
Leadership. Sales. General.
  Virtuology for Students
Using virtues to get great grades, learn easier and quicker
  Virtuology for Teachers
Become a tutor/virtuologist - licenced or certified

This page is still in the making - Modules descriptions coming up

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
In the first module we will cover these topics:
- Introduction to virtuology and virtues
- Success 2.0
- Consciousness Calibration
- Multidimensional Reality
- Universal Laws of Success
In the second module we will cover selected virtues:
enthusiasm, optimism, joyousness, responsibility, resourcefulness, flexibility, perseverance, flexibility, determination, endurance, resilience, consistency, faith (in yourself, in your possibilities, in the value of what you do etc.), credibility, trust, love (for your work and others), authenticity, enterprisingness, self-initiative, self-discipline, courage, patience, integrity, honesty, honor, wisdom, creativity, innovativeness, diligence, humility, curiosity, openness...
In the third module we will cover these flaws:
superficiality, greed, vanity, arrogance, dishonesty, apathy, cowardice, indifference, irresolution, laziness, prejudices, pessimism, skepticism, distrust, compromising, conformism, impatience (giving up too easy), volatility, inconsistency, criticizing, complaining, gossiping and delaying.
In the fourth module we will cover these skills:
visualization, affirmations, intuition, tuning,
Emotional Intelligence & Intelligent Emotionality
Each selected Virtuology e-course is divided in three levels:
Signature Program with Basic Curriculum
covering cardinal virtues and flaws
Elite Suite - Continuity Program
covering major virtues and flaws
The Master's Program
covering most virtues and flaws

Selection of basic virtues
Selection of basic flaws
Selection of special skills
10 modules


Major virtues
Major flaws
Special skills
Monthly support and updates
10 modules + 4 modules/month
    - as many months as desired


Most virtues
Most flaws
Special skills
Monthly support and updates
10 modules + 4 modules/month
    - two years (88 modules)

Welcome to the website of Talidari, activists and creators of the Virtuology concept. Talidari is a duo lecturing to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. In their interdisciplinary work they use multimedia arts, combing literature, music (didgeridoo), painting, design and performance. Talidari create and innovate by crossing boundaries and using the database from higher realms of reality. Read more »
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